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Quotes: Get Ready for a Large File Transfer!

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May: I remember that room. It cost you a hand.

Coulson: Seemed like a big deal at the time. Now look at me.


Sousa: Well, that sounds peachy.

Mack: Did you just say peachy?

Sousa: Yeah, so?

Mack: If we get out of here, I gotta teach you some new words. And don't let Daisy hear you talking like that.

Sousa: Why, does it mean something bad now?

Mack: No, it's just - It's a fine word. You're a fine man. 


Jemma: I can smell his hair, but I can't see his face.


Jemma: I know this place. Home.


Mack: Find me some duct tape. 


Deke: Danny Boy over here is still impressed by a light bulb. 

Sousa: That's not accurate or nice. 


Agent Piper: Oh, come on, are you guys messing with time again?!


Jemma: You were with me the whole time. Fitz!


Mack: That was some serious flying there.

May: That used to be all I did.


Coulson: Hope this works.

Mack: You hope. I'll pray. 


Sybil: And what comes next?

May: *drops from the ceiling* The cavalry. 


Coulson: Look, if this is a contest, I've died like seven times. 


Daisy: She's been through a lot. But it's funny what can happen when someone believes in you. 

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From episode 4x6

Mack: You find anything?
Fitz: Yeah, I tell you though, whoever created this tapestry of security nonsense is a total wanker. Honestly, even with Coulson’s signature do you know how hard it was to find someone with a ROY-G-BIV clearance just so I could unredact these files?     
Mack: Do I have to pretend to be outraged, or can we get to it?

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From Maveth, the season 3 mid season break finale. Ward hands his pistol to Fitz telling him he could get rid of the Will and have a clear pth to Jemma

Fitz replies to Ward: "oh grow up!"

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