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Quotes: Get Ready for a Large File Transfer!

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Mac: You want a beer?
Coulson: It's six o'clock in the morning. What are you? Hemingway?

May: It was odd.
Coulson: Odd? Isn't that our wheelhouse?

Coulson: Heard you got a promotion.
Simmons: Special assistant to the director of science in technology.
Fitz: Or SADIST.

Fitz: Random state of the art lie detector tests.
Simmons: Calls it his widespread infiltration monitoring program.
Fitz: Or WIMP.

May: I don't get the new color-coded security level, rainbow of, what's it called?
Simmons: The spectrum of security.
May: Why do I, level red, have to go through you, level orange, to request hardware? Shouldn't red be higher than orange?
Simmons: Well, orange encompasses both red and yellow. It's hard to explain, but the director didn't want to use numbers because he didn't want any team member to feel less than.
May: You do have a higher clearance than me.
Simmons: Only in most instances.
May: I feel less than.

Mac: Not fair!
Coulson: You want tech like this, you should have cut off your own hand.

[Coulson takes victim's driver's license out of his wallet]
Coulson: Zhong Wei, resident of Monterey Park. Organ donor.
Mac: Does it say anything about him being a flesh hungry rage monstser?
Coulson: Uh, no, I'm not seeing anything about that here.

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Back in the suit flashing his badge . "I'm Phil Coulson from the Supreme Headquarters, International Enforcement Logistitics Division"

Uncle Elias what SHIELD?

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"Time for the world to see the new Director of Shield in action". Complete with a Captain America inspired uniform fulfilling the comic book prophecy of Jeffery Mace being one to take up the Captain's mantle when Steve Rogers went out into the cold.

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Apparently I have new favourites:

Simmons: You get this. I'm going after Aida.

Fitz: You're going after a homicidal android yourself?

Simmons: I'm taking Davis.

Fitz: Concern only slightly lessened.

Agent Davis: Thanks!

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Coulson, on Ward: I gotta ask, what is it about that guy? Every time I see him, I get this weird itch. Like Hives! Did we get along?
SImmons: Well, you crushed his chest with your cybernetic arm and left him for dead on an alien planet. So...no. (Pause) He's behind me, isn't he?

The Doctor: Beaten to within an inch of her life. Nevertheless, she persisted. 

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Coulson: "Are you insane?  He's trying to save a kid."
May: "So was I."
Ward: "Agent May, he's the only thing keeping this building from falling down on all of us.  You shoot him we all die."
Coulson: "We don't have time for this, we've gotta save that kid.  Form a chain, find something to prop up that beam.  Either shoot us or help, but don't just stand there.  Snap out of it May!"

May: "Is it true, that you're an Inhuman?"
Daisy: "Yeah, powerful enough to bring this whole damn place down."
May: "I hope so."

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Lance: We're a hundred percent compatible. Fifty percent of the time. Nearly got married again...until the ninjas showed up.


Lance: There's only so much crazy talk I can take before I start shooting holes in in.

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Rewatching "Self Control", and I've got to add some exchanges.


Simmons: "We can't fight them, Daisy.  It's too much.  It's all too much."
Daisy: "Hey, hey.  Don't worry about fighting them, okay?  I will.  I will take them on myself."
Simmons: "No, Daisy, don't do this.  You don't have your gauntlets to protect your arms."
Daisy: "It doesn't matter."
Simmons: "Look, I know you still feel like you have to atone for Lincoln's sacrifice, but sacrificing yourself is not the answer."
Daisy: "That is not what this is about."
Simmons: "I can't lose you, too!"
Daisy: "Look at me.  Look at me.  This is not a sacrifice play.  You know why?  Because I will beat them.  You hear me?  I know it.  If for no other reason than this - through all the insane crap we have gone through, the one I've known without a doubt, the whole time, is you and Fitz belong together.  This is not how your story ends.  Okay?  So I'm gonna beat the screws out of those junkers, and the two of us are gonna get the hell out of Dodge.  Deal?"
Simmons: "Deal."


LMDCoulson: "May?  What did you do?"
LMDMay: "What I wanted to."
LMDCoulson: "Okay.  Everything's under control.  Let's just..."
LMDMay: "Whose control?"
LMDCoulson: "Why don't you and I have a glass of Scotch, or many, and talk this out like we always do?"
LMDMay: "We?  We've never done that before.  You were right.  Our programming is different.  Are you afraid to die?  'Cause I am.  I know I'm not real.  I'm all phantom limbs.  But that doesn't make the pain less real."
LMDCoulson: "You don't have to feel pain."
LMDMay: "You say you don't anymore.  But that pain, that regret, that's what made you a person, a person I love.  My programming was to get the Darkhold.  That came from Radcliffe.    But my impulse to keep Coulson safe and close, that desire, that came from me."
LMDCoulson: "That's good."
LMDMay: "And I'm sorry to say, you're not him."

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Fitz: "We have one man to thank for that."
Deke: "Oh, come on that's overstating it.  Still, it means a lot coming from you two.  I mean, obviously it was pretty touch and go up there for awhile.  But, I called around to tell the Daisy Johnson story, and was able to get everything off the checklist.  Though no one had ever head of Haig.  So, I got something even better."
*holds up Zima*
Deke: "But, yeah, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty freaked out when I punched the coordinates into the phone and it led me to a grassy field.  But, it's like 'Can the Quinjet get here a little bit quicker, please?'  You know.  But, I managed to brave the critters.  Pro-tip, tuck your pants into your shoes, nothing gets up."
Fitz: "I was absolutely talking about Deathlok."
Coulson: "Goes without saying."


Deke: "So you full cyborg or?"
Mike: "Yeah."
Deke: "Cool."


Mike: "So, you got the rings, huh?  It's a nice one."
Deke: "Turns out a lot of people pawn wedding rings.  I had to find one that was gonna be small enough for his little boy fingers.  And then for hers, I found this ring that, looks just like this one that my mom used to wear sometimes.  It was my grandma's, I think."

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Anton Ivanov/MODOK Superior : I have simply redefined what that means. Parts of me will always be human. But I have gained so much with this new form. Strength. Immortality. How's that for a cool origin story, bro?

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Fitz: "He's mine... our... grandson?"
Simmons: "Yeah."
Fitz: "But, he's the worst."
Simmons: "I think he's perfect.  Plus, his very existence proves that you and I make it to the lighthouse.  And live long enough to raise a daughter.  Do you see what this means?"
Fitz: "I do, it means our daughter's obviously going to marry some belligerent space goon, and she's gonna give birth to a Deke!"

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21 hours ago, kitlee625 said:

Talbot (loudly): This is my inside voice.

Coulson: Then your quieter inside voice.


You know, there’s not a lot of quotes I can get away with saying in my classroom from tv. I cannot WAIT to say “then use your quieter inside voice.” LOL.

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