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Soft Kitty

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Here's a dog's toy coming to life. I'm sure you've seen it, but maybe you haven't. The look on that dog's face? Beyond priceless.

  I swear, I do not always try to break stuff down to areas I like. But . . . I've heard that song because LittleKuriboh uses it in the "credits" for his abridgements of "Season Zero" of Yu-Gi-Oh! Take a look. I think it's a perfect fit for Yugi.



I love, love, love that "My Gumbi is now real!!" clip so very much.  If only we could make the world into a place that actually deserved dogs there would be great hope for us as a species.  Maybe someday! 

Thanks for the Yu-Gi-Oh clip too, it was fun :-)  TMBG is one of those mood management groups, as just about everything they ever recorded was uplifting or fun on some level.   

Raining again in SoCal. I always take that as a good sign of better things to come.   

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"Merry whatever you were raised with or evolved to after the fact!"

I'm not going to have internet access for a few days. But I hope you all have a relaxing break filled with soft kitties, real or analogous or imaginary. :)

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26 minutes ago, Lisin said:

Our puppy is afraid of our new Hulk statue... It's kind of adorable? 


Awww. That's pretty sweet.

I got our cat one of those carpet-covered climbing-napping things and he was terrified of it. I tried to lure him over by putting a couple of his catnip mice on the base. Came home a couple hours later and he had dragged the mice away from the evil interloper. Wish I had seen that!



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I'll echo the sentiments of PatsyandEddie.  This Canadian is grateful for the education I've received about the American electoral process and so many other things.  I cried along with you, was outraged by words and deeds done by people less evolved.  And I laughed.  That was an unexpected treat.  Our posters are simply the best.  Wit and wisdom is such a heady thing - I think I'm in love!

So a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays from me to all of you.  May you have a holiday filled with love and laughter and may Santa be very, very good to you.  You all deserve it!

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Whatever you do, or do not celebrate, may you all have reason to be joyous at this time of year.  2016 took a lot from all of us, but thanks, in part, to all of you, my faith in humanity didn't quite die on the table back in the beginning of November.   Oh sure, it's been on life-support ever since but I'll take what I can get :-)  

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I, too, want to extend my greetings and gratitude to all of you intelligent, informed, passionate, and eloquent people on this Politics forum who have reminded me every day that wise discourse can, indeed, still be found on the internet.  To those of you who will be celebrating Christmas this weekend, I wish you a merry one.  To whose of you who will be spending it with difficult family members, well, I wish you a well-stocked liquor cabinet, dessert tray, medicine cabinet, or [insert coping mechanism of choice here].  To those for whom this is just another weekend, I wish you a good one.

To combine Soft Kitty and Christmas, here is a picture of my cat Riley, checking out the little tabletop tree I opted for on her first Christmas with me (she's estimated to be about six years old, came with a host of issues, is now merely skittish rather than a scaredy-cat, but I figured a giant indoor tree would be a bit much to ask of her at this point, especially since she was just getting used to the fireplace).  In these trying times, may you all have moments that put a similar look on your face.



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I'd like to echo all the good wishes posted here.  I don't post too often as my command of the written word is sketchy... but I'm quite sure I wouldn't have made it through these trying times without the graciousness, passion and intelligence of everyone here.  Thank you all.

And thanks to David and TPTB for setting up this space for us.  It's been great.

Happy holidays/happy weekend to all.  I look forward to the conversation continuing for the foreseeable future! 

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Oh wow, the look on her face is just precious.   She's lovely, thank you for sharing that picture.   

Now I need to go and figure out whose creme brulee dishes I have in my home.  There's some kind of neighborhood tradition here, where you give your neighbors part of what you've made.   It's incredibly kind but these didn't come with a tag of any sort. They are the actual "put these under the broiler" type of dishes, so I need to figure out who I'm returning them to.  

This will be our Christmas Eve:  Hi, neighbor!  Here, have some of these things I purchased because I didn't bake this year...say, do I have any Pyrex dishes of yours, by any chance? 

It'll be festive!  

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On 12/23/2016 at 0:29 PM, Lisin said:

Our puppy is afraid of our new Hulk statue... It's kind of adorable? 


What a sweetie! So cute!

Our pet store runs a yearly "Pet Photo with Santa" fundraiser for a local animal rescue org, and our pup was terrified until she looked deep into Santa's eyes (I think she could smell the treats coming, myself :)

char and santa closeup.jpg

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On the non-animal front, here the latest Epic Rap Battle Of History:

Later, I'll go through my camera to see what shots of Ollie I can display on my Flickr account. I took one pill before he came yesterday and I zonked out early, but at least my eye wasn't itching.

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Only the top half is up. Luckily, I think that I've seen that before.

ETA: Here's Ollie and his first Christmas. Enjoy!

In light of today's celebrity death (Carrie Fisher), I'd like to do an Instagram dump to lighten the mood.

Paddington and new friend (I wound up spending money on a calendar featuring him and his friends for my mother)
Bulldogs fighting

Danny Boy's puppies

More fighting (Porkchop gets trapped)

Pugdashians pose in front of cards

Late guest (kinda sad, though I'm sure he'll be okay)

The girls with treats

Sissy in wrapping paper
Festive Duncan

More Festive Duncan

Santa Duncan

Sad-looking Lucy

Sammo noses her present

ETA2: Lady tortures Swayze the French Bulldog

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Pugdashians in the snow.

Paddington's first day back at work.

Uncle Logan deals with nieces and nephews yet again.

Danny Boy's puppies chow down.

Sammo eats with a snowman.

ETA: Jessie gets Sammo to sound like a chicken.

ETA2: Turns out the two episodes of Too Cute on Animal Planet were new. I was napping that night, but they're On Demand through Time Warner/Spectrum. Golden Retrieves/Great Danes and Dachshunds/Chinese Cresteds. The episodes are only a half-hour long apiece, but they are still adorable. Bonus: No wiener dog puppies got forced to run in hot dog costumes.

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