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Soft Kitty

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2 hours ago, BW Manilowe said:

Windsprints, for some reason I can't see your last 2 posts & the reply box is acting weird as I'm writing this. Sort of like the Twitter embed issue for others.


2 hours ago, windsprints said:

Hmmm its blank now. It was a link to a facebook post with a video. I've posted that before without problems & I didn't see anything posted that we shouldn't be linking FB. Sorry.

Thread's still "jerking" for me. Been doing it almost all day. I'll take it to Bugs.

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9 hours ago, NewDigs said:

Moved to Bugs.

If anyone else is having an issue with pages jerking/jumping in this thread please report to ^^^^ Bugs link.

Helpful to add your operating system and browser and any add-ons.


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Not really animal-related, but I feel the need to share. Right now, Toonami (the Saturday/Sunday night block on Cartoon Network) is running Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which is an over-the-top anime set in 19th-Century England. If you want to see Japanese takes on the British, and the American dub of that, then this is the show for you. Anyway . . . normally, Toonami cuts the opening and closing credits of their shows. Here, they keep the closing credits, which is set to "Roundabout" by Yes. I find it to be oddly soothing, seeing an ancient South American sacrifice represented, with the anime's characters from that episode superimposed over it. Here, judge for yourself:

And here's the full song, clocking in at over eight minutes.

If you get into JBA, here's the forum for it: http://forums.previously.tv/forum/2854-jojos-bizarre-adventure/. There isn't much activity right now . . . just me and a few others marveling over how outrageous it is.

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21 hours ago, David T. Cole said:

Seems to work. FB only lets you embed statuses AFIAK.

I posted videos a few days back and it worked. I just pasted here, trying one now. Seems ok again.

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20 hours ago, David T. Cole said:

Please take embed discussion to the BUGS area moving forward. There is something funky with at least FB posts but I didn't mean to derail Soft Kitty :)


A likely story.  You were almost certainly in coohoots with Gordon Lightfoot.  We're on to you and your kitty disrupting ways :-) 

Also, a dog with separation anxiety goes on a play date with her backpack.  It can sometimes make my heart hurt, how kind and loving people really can be.  

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24 minutes ago, theredhead77 said:

My cat is not the sharpest kitteh in the litter box. He chases his tail and tries to fight his shadow on the wall. I tried to record it but it didn't turn out.

My guy chases his tail too.  When he catches it, his back feet want to protects it and his front feet (& head) want to fight his back feet.  I call it the epic battle of back -v- front.

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You win the internet VMepicgrl. Very nice.

My soft kitty is that I am re-watching the entire series of "Supernatural."  Monster of the week.  Bodies exploding.  Apocalypse always around the corner.  Not as scary as what is happening in the real world.

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From House of Bulldogs: The gang gathers for snack time. Logan does not like an R/C car.

Sammo Hog plays on new grass.

ETA: Tomorrow, Animal Planet will be running a Too Cute marathon. starting at 11 a.m., ending at 6 on Thursday. That's nineteen hours of hardcore baby animals. Check it out, then post about it here. Sucks that there aren't new episodes, but they covered a shitload of puppy and kitten breeds, and they had an hour for piglets, hedgehogs and bunnies.

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This is just a funny one, vs. a cute one:  I've been trying to make sure I do escapist things to take my mind off of ...you know...everything.  So I grabbed a bowl of popcorn, poured a glass of wine, flipped on HBO NOW and thought, "What has zero political stakes, is short and will in no way emotionally imperil me?"  and so about a month ago, I started watching the first seasons of Sex and the City which I had never seen.  I joined the show in progress in the third season, it was never a favorite, but it is very low stakes.  

I shit you not, I tune into an episode where Carrie is obsessing about Big....and you know who was guest starring?  Yeah.  I'm not kidding.  Donald Trump had a cameo.  Even I had to laugh at the "what next?  Will you spring up through my drain while I shower?  Muthafucka!" 

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Here is a topic for soothing thoughts, funny memes, words of encouragement, happy messages, nice things! Like a soft kitty, a warm kitty, perhaps a little ball of fur as it were.

I guess this might go under funny. I've been watching rom-coms but sitting down for a whole movie can be a bit much. If you need about a 20 minute fix of stupid joy in your day, I recommend the Drawfee channel on youtube. More specifically, check out the Pokemon Morning Drawfees or the Wiki Roulette videos. Yes, it's escapism but it's escapism that at times has me laughing so hard I'm actually in pain. 

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3 hours ago, Lantern7 said:

What the hell? Judging from the head-moving, it's like he thought something was moving in the snow. Poor guy. Or girl.


Something was. Mice and voles and other such rodents live under the blankets of snow and fox and other animals use their scent and their ability to detect movement to catch them. I've seen other videos of foxes doing this but I've never seen one go ass-over-teakettle like that one did!

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Sorry about the lack of wait. First up, there's this clip from Instagram that made Around The Horn and Pardon The Interruption. No animals, but it does make me laugh. I'm easy like that.

Like pork-filled piranhas

The boys want to play with Yin-Dee (I think they're isolated from her for health reasons)

Danny Boy's puppies play, fight, be chubby

Cuppy Pugdashian poses, looks old

Duncan's back!!! (I was a little worried about his absence)

Festive Duncan

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Here's a dog's toy coming to life. I'm sure you've seen it, but maybe you haven't. The look on that dog's face? Beyond priceless.

On 12/19/2016 at 10:20 AM, stillshimpy said:

Monday Morning Soul-Shoring:  

I swear, I do not always try to break stuff down to areas I like. But . . . I've heard that song because LittleKuriboh uses it in the "credits" for his abridgements of "Season Zero" of Yu-Gi-Oh! Take a look. I think it's a perfect fit for Yugi.

ETA2: The golf clip is off of Instagram. Luckily, YouTube provides.

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