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The After Show: Because You Can't Get Enough

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14 hours ago, lilabennet said:

Johnny is manipulative, no question.  But, we have no idea how long that conversation had gone on before that clip.  Nicole was probably bitching about Nany for a while before Johnny chimed in.  He was commiserating with her.  Nany can be mad at Johnny all she wants, but she should be aiming some of her anger at Nicole.  I am fine with the blood before water philosophy and all, but you should draw the line somewhere, so you don't get walked all over.  Nicole deliberately lied to Nany about Camila, threw Nany under the bus to Dario, didn't root for Nany in her elimination vs Nate, and was a full participant in that conversation with Johnny in that clip.  And yet, Nicole gets an automatic free pass no matter what she does just because she is family.  At this point Nicole could probably steal Nany's credit cards and run up 1000s of dollars of charges and Nany would just accept it.

We can only go off of what we see (just like Nany can only react to what she sees).  However, even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was commiserating, we all know he would only be commiserating because it benefits him.  There are basically three reasons John would commiserate.  1) He thinks that if he keeps telling the woman who is upset that she's right, it will egg her on to intensify the conflict, and he'll get to enjoy watching two girls fight (because he very gleefully enjoys watching the his female cast mates losing their tempers and fighting, and he likes to stir the pot, and he's openly said on previous occasions how entertaining he finds it when Nany or Camila lose their cool ).  2) Him commiserating is a way to cement their anger at someone so he can exploit it to advance his own game.  In this instance, it's not hard to see where this would benefit him.  He wanted Wes out.  Wes was Nany's partner.  Nany's cousin was a natural ally for her and Wes.  Egging on Nany's cousin's anger towards Nany will help him to split up that natural alliance, reducing the numbers for Wes and Nany's side of the house.  3) He hasn't landed a hook up partner for the season and playing the shoulder to cry on would help him get into someone's pants.  (For the record, I don't remotely think this one was in play here, especially since Nicole was already into another guy.)  

So, even if he was commiserating, I highly doubt he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart, or because he felt bad for poor little Nicole, whose cousin was being mean to her.  He did it because it advanced his own agenda.  His commiseration is manipulation. 

All that aside, I thought it was pretty clear that Nany was still not completely happy with her cousin.  Her body language was pretty clear in that, especially after the clips.  However, this is the same Nany who thought it wouldn't be appropriate to get physical with her cousin in the elimination round.  So I can easily see her not being OK with having it out with her cousin on stage there.  (Yes, there was the fight in the clip they showed, but, that was in the heat of the moment.) Not to mention that, between those events and the taping of this AS, Nany had likely had time to hash it out with Nicole off camera.  

What Nicole did was crappy, no question.  However, I can see how Nany can look at it and judge it as not as bad as what John did.  First, telling Dario about the alliance.  Yes, Nany told her not to tell anyone.  However, in a situation like this, your partner is who you need to work with to win.  I would expect anything I said to someone (that was related to the game) to be told to their partner.  Your partner is the one you have to rely on and work with, even if it doesn't necessarily work with your pre-existing relationships with other cast members.  For example, Cory had to throw his friend into contention for the elimination round because their partners were fighting, and it was best for his partnership with Ashley to do so.  That didn't end hurt their friendship. So, Nicole knew something that was related to the game, and she told her partner.  It ended up being a huge mistake, but I think most people would tell their partner.  As for the Nate stuff (seriously, Nicole, Nate??), Nany has her own history of making poor choices when a guy is involved.  She can probably, at least, understand where her cousin was coming from, even as it pissed her off to have it happen.  And, of course, Nicole was an active participant in that conversation with John.  But, while her cousin was, in that moment, operating from a point of being emotional and upset over the conflict with Nany, John was not emotionally upset.  He was operating from a point of "hmm..Nicole and Nany are upset?  I can use this," and he chose to push buttons and encourage the rift vs. being Nany's friend and helping diffuse the conflict.  

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On ‎7‎/‎1‎/‎2016 at 2:39 PM, Tatum said:

Susie, bleach is not your friend.


On ‎6‎/‎30‎/‎2016 at 0:07 AM, kat165 said:

Susie looked really different, like she was doing her Jenny McCarthy impersonation.

 OMG!  The boobs, the bleached to straw hair, the spackled on makeup.  I thought Susie was a divinity student, or had her doctorate in theology.  Something.  I don't think you need to look like a nun in this field, but it's a little atypical to look like you just retired your bunny tale.  Jenny McCarthy must be what she's aspiring to look like.  It's just not ....... attractive.  And it doesn't add much umph to her sanctimonious act and condescending comments.  You're not above any of this Susie - your appearance here proves it.  You're wallowing in the mud with all the other pigs.

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"Whatever" to Nany and Nicole. Also, it looks like Sarah is a sucker for belly rubs. That's a shame. I mean, she didn't plan on being Johnny's partner, I wouldn't expect her to ditch him like Trishelle ditched her, but she seems to not want to be a bad person. As a result, she's looking worse. If BOTE2 had been it for her, we wouldn't be vilifying her this much, even if she does hang with Susie.

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On July 15, 2016 at 11:24 AM, Unclejosh said:

I gotta say if the Reunion spoilers are true, there is gonna be a LOT of hate directed towards an already hated cast member.


On July 15, 2016 at 2:24 PM, LotusFlower said:

I feel like you already spoiled it.  Of the five remaining teams, there's really only one cast member who's universally hated...

Yup - you spoiled it!  (But I don't really care).

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