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People Magazine Investigates Aftershow: P.M.I. or T.M.I.?

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  • 2 months later...

Regarding the show last night on the MacDonald murders (i.e., the "Fatal Vision" case.) 

Given they titled the show and MacDonald "the Accused," no surprise that the program was almost completely one-sided.  Did anyone on staff read the Article 32 transcript hearing?  Did they read the autopsy reports?  Did they view crime scene photos?  

MacDonald did not have some 23 stab wounds nor was he "left for dead."  Kristen was stabbed more than 17 times. MacDonald had many more than the reported 1 one night stand. They didn't mention that Helena recanted her confession.  They didn't mention that the hair found grasped in Colette's hand was MacDonald's.  They didn't mention that no splinters from the club were in the living room, no blood in the living room other than the smear on the magazine and the drop on his glasses.  They didn't mention that Kimberley's blood was found in the master bedroom, Colette's blood in Kristen's room, scrapes from the club in Kristen's room although Kristy was not struck with the club.  They incorrectly reported that MacDonald was stabbed with the icepick; MacDonald himself always said he saw the glint of a "blade." They didn't report on testimony from neighbors, family and friends that neither MacDonald nor Colette seemed happy in those months leading up to the murders. They didn't report that MacDonald had been taking Eskatrol.  They didn't report that it was a cold, rainy night and no mud, footprints or water had been brought in by the alleged intruders. They claimed the lab lost the bloody footprint in Kristen's room rather than the truth which was the boards separated when they attempted to remove it.  They didn't report that MacDonald lied to Freddie about killing one of the intruders.  They didn't show the clip from the Cavett show where MacDonald was laughing, nor report that Cavett himself felt MacDonald's affect was all wrong. 

Gah.  So many things left unanswered and incorrectly reported.  Those I listed are just some.  I imagine people might watch this program and feel that MacDonald was unjustly convicted.

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