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The Challenge in the Media: "The road to [fame] is straight and narrow."

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I posted this on the Road Rules forum, and I reckon it's a little off-topic for here, but what the hell: Semester at Sea is shipping out for the New Year . . . and there will be a reunion of the RR8 kids. You can meet veteran Challengers like Yes, Veronica and Ayanna. Also Shawn, whom I bet you didn't know did one. And Pua and Pawel. Not really for me. I will say I was near Veronica at the Dirty 30 screening, and I wasn't knocked back ten feet by her evil . . . so yeah, she's probably cool nowadays.

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@scrb . . . what, pray tell, is a "farewhore"? 😛

He ain't the only guy with Challenge ties that has wonderful news . . . CJ Koegel (Fresh Meat II, Battle of the Seasons (2012)) and Chuck also got engaged to their respective SOs. They don't have many Challenges between them even with Johnny Reilly, and that may explain why they don't have horrible shade to throw around like most of the "favorites" these days.

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Just popped in to see if anyone else was following this insanity. Happy holidays from the cast of the challenge!

I believe everything Danielle says about Paulie. My guess is she showed Cara some receipts, because Cara went from calling her a liar casually in the background of Paulie’s video to dumping him.  I honestly think, for Paulie, a huge part of what makes him thrive is his ability to manipulate people, which helps him feel superior (and he’s always chasing that feeling of superiority). Who knows if he has genuine feelings for any of these ladies—what he wants is to have as many of them as possible still buying the bs he’s selling them. He clearly prides himself on his lying skills. Also, the fact that he’s using a gif of a toxic relationship is just the cherry on the sundae. He’s trying to draw her back in by appealing to that sense of “weirdness” bordering on unhealthiness that she embraces as making her special. He’s good. I’ll give him that. He’s probably shocked he got dumped at all, though my sad guess is it probably won’t be permanent. He’ll talk his way back into this. It would be good for CM to meet some non-reality show men, but I’m not even sure she’s capable of living any part of her life off of television. 

ETA: Now that Danielle has released some texts, we can see just how deep the manipulation goes--that he tried to make her feel guilty and like she was overreacting for even asking about pictures Cara posted showing him naked in Cara's bed when he was supposedly still in a relationship with Danielle This guy shows all the signs of a classic emotional abuser. Which, by the way, Abram was also. 

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19 minutes ago, RandomWatcher said:

Apparently Cara Maria and Paulie are back together.

“. . . and now, facepalm emoticons.”


The fucked up thing? Abram recently got engaged, and he’s showing slightly more maturity. I’ll still make jokes about him killing hobos and drifters. Why stop what works? 😜

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Movie was made by CT's best friend.  They have been friends since they were little kids.  He is a former drug dealer/gangsta/junkie who got clean and now is a filmmaker.  He was CT's best man at his wedding if you watched that special.

When CT has that fight with Wes years back and said he and his friends "do dirt" Johnny was one of the guys he was referring to.

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In case you didn't see the brief teaser, here are two people battling in what appears to be an endgame. They're competing on top of a speeding truck rolling through the desert. I know it will turn to shit like most things Challenge-related, but I can't help being impressed.

Look at this shit! This is some Mad Max stuff right here! I know the season isn't set in Australia, but if Teege can get dressed like an extra from Fury Road, I might have to recommend this series. Also, he'd have to spray his mouth.

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On 2/7/2019 at 12:13 AM, Lantern7 said:

Andy Dehnart of Reality Blurred basically nukes first WotW episode from orbit. I mean, he could have done research about last season, but he basically eviscerates the show, and I agreed with most of it.

So I decided to read that article, and this is the first sentence:

"I haven’t watched MTV’s Challenge in years, because it’d provided me with a lifetime’s amount of evidence about how alcohol, violence, and sex."

The article has been posted for almost 4 days and that hasn't been edited.  Are people just not trying anymore?

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I forgive Jenna for her accent comment, although it’s one that I feel too, at times, I just would not share it with the world. I’m no xenophobe. I feel rotten when I can’t understand someone who’s really trying. 

Cara is way too much. 

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8 hours ago, MaggieG said:

I saw a preview for Lindsay Lohan's Beach club show and apparently Kailah is on it?

Yup, she showed up in last week's episode.  And she somehow thinks she's on the same level as Lindsay.  People really need to stop gassing her up.

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21 hours ago, MaggieG said:

I saw a preview for Lindsay Lohan's Beach club show and apparently Kailah is on it?

13 hours ago, OnceSane said:

Yup, she showed up in last week's episode.  And she somehow thinks she's on the same level as Lindsay.  People really need to stop gassing her up.

They brought her on because they wanted people who didn't create personal drama.  

incredulous come on GIF by Almost Christmas Movie
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