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S03.E09: Mad City: The Executioner

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1 hour ago, Lazlo said:

I guess this is a minority opinion but I found Ivy as comic relief airhead fairly amusing and certainly a lot less creepy than Ivy as femme fatale. I'm not sure she's that much dumber really; she always struck me as someone completely dependent on Selina's smarts (also Camren Bicondova does frustration really well).

I didn't find her as offensive as some people did.  I actually enjoyed her scenes.  She was never particularly smart and is the type to use her sexuality to get what she wants without realizing the repercussions.

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Grieving, rumpled, hair mussed Ed was kinda hot. Still I was with Oswald when he had to fight rolling his eyes at Ed's grief over a girl he knew for a week. Boy, bye.

Ivy looking like a million bucks and yet being unworldly in the ways of negotiation was kinda hilarious. "One thousand dollars. Two thousand...five, no ten , whispers to Selena ::how much should I ask for?::

Selena bitching out Ivy was rich, given how often she gets caught herself and the crap she leaves in her wake. Loved Bruce getting his sleuth on.

Barnes sets up nicely why Gordon would be leery of Batman initially but fall on the side of him being a necessary evil that he allows once he confirms that he doesn't kill.

'I was gone for like an hour!' 'Oh, sweet gentle virgin.' Oh, Harvey.

Oswald's 'Jigga whaaaaa' look when Ed said Isabella was murdered was great. I think Ed's overlooking Oswald as a murder suspect speaks to how much he trusts him and sees him as a friend.

Funny, Nygma and Gordon have the same haircut. Shaved down sides with longer on the top that they slick back for a professional look until it gets mussed.

That was such a sad end for Barnes. Ranting from inside Arkham. Gotham really does chew you up and spit you out.

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