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To Be a Marketer working at an Ad agency

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rules are;;;

#1 Cop some old song from the 70's and use that as a theme (how tough is that?)

#2 If you're on a project for fast food - get two male dolts in a car

#3 Make your ads as annoying as possible because there are idiots in society who remember those ads and will spend non-existent $$$ to buy the snake oil or whatever they are pimping

#4 IF you are making an ad for a slimey lawyer - make sure the next one the lawyer wants is one for cheap toilet paper because you can then get people to sue the manufacturer for your finger going through it when you wipe..

#6 Make sure society knows that all is well in the world when you can screen swipe your cell phone and it will be the key to life happiness

#7 Make almost every female in any ad to be a power/contact/know it all woman...(where did Toyota Jan go?  Did she go hiking in the Grand Canyon blindfolded?  I hope)

And Lastly make sure the viewer knows that a 800 call is toll free

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I've noticed the "Marketer working at an Ad agency" that produces the ads for Graze Food Delivery takes great pains to adhere to the truth-in-advertising principle, and it's done in a very subtle manner.  For those not familiar, you get the first box "free" after you sign up for their snack service, then to be billed $6.99 every 2 weeks for further deliveries. 

Bet they've had a few customers moaning about the skimpy size of the contents, thinking they'd get a lot more for the price, because here's where the "truth" comes in to play.  In every ad, both online and on TV, they're very careful to always include a size-equivalent item next to the box so you can't say you were misled.  Too bad for you, Mr./Ms. Customer, if you didn't make the connection!

Online, note the size of the box next to the berries and cherries. 


In the TV spot, they use an apple or a coffee cup next to the box for comparison.  https://www.ispot.tv/ad/755e/graze-food-delivery-first-box-free

That $6.99 buys a heck of a lot more at the grocery, just sayin'.

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I've seen the commercial and commented at what a dinky box it is, so I don't really think it's that subtle.  I think people are just assuming they'll get some Blue Apron-sized box.

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