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S08.E07: EcoFlower, The Style Club, Safe Catch, #BeSomebody

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I actually saw someone wearing one of those stupid "babe" hats on the news the other night. It was coverage of an anti-Trump protest in NYC. 

It seems like an off choice of attire for such an event, but I would never even buy one, so what do I know?

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On ‎2016‎-‎11‎-‎05 at 2:43 PM, wings707 said:

Mercury testing, oh good god.  Aw shucks, this tuna has too high a count so we have to throw it away.  Come on.  No way would he ever get a deal.  

I was really wondering what happens to all the fish that test positive for mercury. Do they throw it away or just sell it to another producer?

On ‎2016‎-‎11‎-‎05 at 4:31 PM, UsernameFatigue said:

This show is really ticking me off with the ridiculous valuations that the pitchers are coming to the tank with. This episode was one of the worst. It used to be the sharks would be all over the pitchers if their valuation was in la-la land, now it just seems like a given. Sometimes the sharks don't even bother questioning it which drives me nuts. 

Part of the problem I think is that loans for equity are allowed. So it doesn't matter if your valuation is total crap since the sharks can just offer what they think is the right valuation and then give the rest as a loan (on there terms). So if you have a bad valuation and a great idea you could still be ok.

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just saw this episode on CNBC. Kevin said #BeSomebody guy failed in his 6th appearance on the show. So he's pitched 5 other products/ideas and not gotten deals??


He really came across as a blowhard who doesn't listen and it seems that's who he is:



Quick Google search shows that #BeSomebody app shut down in Jan 2017 due to lack of demand and people using only for experiences rather than learning.



Now, the website is hawking trade school like learning opportunities with promises of easy employment.  Like DeVry?


10x less expensive, 20x faster, 100% job guarantee.

Besomebody Paths are less expensive, less time consuming, and more practical than similar programs at traditional schools. They are 100% skills-based, and graduation comes with a 100% job guarantee.


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