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S03.E04: Lupita Nyong'o vs. Regina Hall

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My jaw dropped.  I've previously only known her as the Very Serious Oscar(TM)-Winning Actress, but daaaaayum, girl can get it!  I love how excited she was to be on the show; it seemed like she was really looking forward to busting out of that VSOWA box and showing people another side of her personality.  I thought she was great before, but now I'm a big-big fan!

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I loved Lupita's performance (brought me back to the good ol' days!!) but I got a particular kick out of the dancer lowering her on the chair.  I know it's probably a difficult move under the best of conditions but I could almost hear the guy's inner monologue "... do not drop the Oscar winner on her head, do NOT drop the Oscar winner on her head ..."

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