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Watch Stephen Colbert Help Barack Obama With His Résumé On The Late Show

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"Sometimes... when I talk... I pause... too much." "I helped the auto industry, but no one believes it." LOL. I do appreciate that the President has a sense of humor.

And Stephen's funny - "We'll just put that down as Microsoft Excel experience." Heee.

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"No promotion in eight years? That's not a good sign."

"There wasn't a lot of opportunity for advancement." ....


... "Any awards?"

"I do have 30 honorary degrees. Oh, and a Nobel Peace Prize."

"What was that for?"

"I still don't know."

Lol. I thought it was pretty funny, both "actors" did very well (I'll miss our president's comedic talents) and a good GOTV effort without stepping into the equal time rule. Fun.  (I even made it through most of O'Reilly whose arrogance is palpable. I turned it off for his latest "Killing" (nice gig though. A book you slap your name on that becomes a best seller and you get the royalties. Much like the Trump franchises, no wonder they're such buddies, having perfected the art of getting rich fom other's work.)

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