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The ID Channel: Investigation Discovery

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Just wstched American Monster about the murder of Amanda Schmitt(  S4 E12, Too good to be true).  I'm surprised I have never heard of this case. 

Young beautiful  private  school teacher  starts watching  children for a family after school to make extra money. 

The show makes it seem as if the married couple just suddenly divorce  and the young teacher  and father of the children start dating  but no affair 🙄.  They marry fairly quickly.  6 months after the beautiful fairy tale wedding he shoots her. 

This case was made for all these shows. The couple was very attractive and  he seemed to "have money."

They dont really give a good reason why he killed her. He was in debt and on dating sites. And was working hard  create animosity between 1st and 2nd wife. 

Just strange . They didn't even mention a life insurance policy. 

* I don't mean to imply there is a good reason to kill anyone.  It just seemed odd that nothing stood out as to why exactly he killed her.  They said she didn't know about his shenanigans and he did buy the gun a month before.  And seemed to be planning a life without her. Claimed the shooting was an accident. 



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Hey, everybody!

Does someone know the name of the show that in an episode that a woman was disturbed by a unknown person and in the final was found that was a pizza delivery guy that in some night that she ordered a pizza, he see her and got obcecate to her. I saw that episode almost 2 years ago I guess and I do not remember the show name.

If someone watched too and remember the name, please say it to me.

Thanks in advance!

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