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Sarah's Marathon Diary: In Season 4 Of The West Wing, It's All Business As Usual...Until It's Not

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Sorry to be that girl.  Helen Baldwin's family does not clean and wind the clocks.  She is a socialite.  Charlie talks about the woman whose family has been cleaning and winding the clocks for generations and her integrity for not wanting to write a book in contrast to Helen Baldwin, a socialite, who is writing a book.

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Sorry to be that girl #2: Jed's daughter who got kidnaped after graduating from Georgetown & getting drugged by her would-be French Royal, playboy, boyfriend is Zoey, with a Y at the end; not Zoe, with an E at the end.

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8 hours ago, AndySmith said:

The would-be French royal family.

This always always always bugged me: Zoey was always describing him as French royalty (at least to Charlie, which is the category of telling an ex how much more impressive his successor is); the President and the staff were all unimpressed by the guy, and no one ever said to Zoey "France is a republic".

France has been most insistently a republic since the 1870s.

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As John Goodman and his staff, preceded by their shadows, stride towards the Oval, Bartlett's people look horrified, like junior sorcerers who've just successfully summoned a demon. It was a terrific piece of cinematography.

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