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Watch Martha Stewart Teach Seth Meyers How To Make A Pizza On Late Night

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(gasps,. holds hand to heart): Did I read that right? Seth ISN'T gonna be talking about politics tonight?! Quick, take his temperature, make sure he's feeling OK!!


STATLER: NO POLITICS?! Have we died and gone to Heaven?!

WALDORF: I wish I could say yes, but there's Seth.

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6 hours ago, andipandi said:

wait, I did not see Martha add any tomatoes to her pizza!

When they came back after commercial, Seth acknowledged that they forgot the sauce.

I thought he and Martha were cute together and the sample recipes she made looked great. I didn't actually buy the book but checked it out on Amazon before coming to my senses and just looking up some recipes online.

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5 hours ago, cpcathy said:

This was the funniest food segment I've ever seen, I could not hate Seth Meyers shoveling pizza and casserole into his mouth.

Shows that Seth CAN be nice when  he's not being John Stewart Jr.

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