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On 5/7/2019 at 9:27 AM, jmcd44 said:

3-Also found it meta that Zac Posen designed Katie Holmes dress (she looked so pretty) and in Oceans 8, she and Zac are seated at Daphne's table.  (And laughed at Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kahling, and Awkwafina being guests as opposed to being part of a heist).

I'm pretty sure Zac and Katie just adore each other and work together all of the time.  I am pretty sure Katie is always dressed by Zac, but I'll be corrected if wrong.

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Brandon Maxwell:


Mondo Project Runway 2019 spinoff:


After reading the above again I am a bit confused on the Mondo project thing. Is this a legit online show, like Last Chance Kitchen, or just a marketing gimmick? I don't want to mislead anyone. 

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