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S07.E02: Swipe, Fuck, Leave

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I mean to go into whether or not the Gallaghers help Vee is a bit too far of a stretch for me to criticize. It is like one would be trying entirely to hard to dislike the show. Vee is an adult, and if she doesn't like her treatment she can speak up or move on. But since she remains around, let's just pretend this is real and say the Gallaghers help her off screen & that is why they remain close.

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Why is discussing the Gallaghers treatment of Vee considered "too far of a stretch to be criticized?"

If the Gallaghers don't appreciate the friends who've raised them as much as anyone else, including their guardian of a sister, that says a lot about whether or not they deserve viewer empathy.

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I personally don't think it's just Vee or Kevin. But I do agree with the above point of the Gallaghers if they had to do would in turn probably screw Kevin or Vee over if it meant saving one of their own. The show hasn't come to that point where that would have to happen. Also fair note, I hated Sammie so was happy when she got screwed over by them. She was a bad character who annoyed me to no end. I still stand by that yes that the Gallaghers screw over anyone who isn't them; even Lips story last season where he went off on his TA because his TA wasn't coddling him and Lip got mad. I feel like the show was trying to get me to sympathize with him and I was like yeah. That's not going to happen. That's my main problem here with the show, I want to like these people because I did but I just can't anymore. I think the finale last season is sort of what did me in: after Fiona's not wedding and we find out Sean is still using and they are talking and Sean says he has to take his son to the airport and try to salvage that relationship and that his kid was the most important thing right now, and Fiona was like "more than us?" I literally was like wow Fiona really doesn't get it and she should. Considering she should at least be considering the three kids still in her care. But it really made me angry. Remember when Fiona was so scared to go to a hotel for one night with jimmySteve and leave the kids? That did happen right? It wasn't a fever dream or anything right? 

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7 hours ago, auntl said:

When Vee was feeling overwhelmed with newborns, did one of the Gallaghers go over and try to help this woman that repeatedly helped them? No way.

True but there was other stuff going on. Ian was living with Mickey and his bipolar disorder was starting to appear.  Fiona was still on house arrest and wearing a GPS so she couldn't help. Carl was too young and would anyone want Carl watching their kids? That leaves Lip (who started out the season just getting out of college for the summer, going to work and then back to college a few episodes later) and Debbie who you're right could have helped but Kev & Veronica also separated which caused Svetlana to move in which resulted in that issue being resolved. 

10 hours ago, iMonrey said:

I agree it seems unrealistic that Carl wouldn't have noticed by now he was "different" in that department.

It does and it doesn't. Seeing someone naked is one thing but really "looking" is another. I had to share a room with a sibling and while we have seen each other naked we didn't really focus on anything because that's just weird. You see something, you look away quick. 

As for this episode specifically I keep thinking "something" is going to happen with Fiona and the guy that handles her from the property management office if only because I've seen the actor before on a few other shows and it doesn't seem like he's a throwaway casting. 

I'm just hoping they remember that Fiona is really good at running the show (before she screws it up.) She did great at the Paper Cup Company and when she was planning parties. I do think they made it clear this episode that she doesn't want to be the "bad guy" but she's going to have to be in order to manage. 

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On October 13, 2016 at 8:06 PM, WhosThatGirl said:

even Lips story last season where he went off on his TA because his TA wasn't coddling him and Lip got mad.

I don't think it was that at all. Lip fell in love with a maternal figure who nurtured him and appreciated him.

And then she cast him aside like he was nothing, reinforcing the same thing that's been told to him -- and all his siblings -- since they were born. They're irrelevant, existing only as fodder for their parents' latest scam, when they are even around. 

He had a very hard time dealing with that -- especially when it came in an environment where he was finally showing he was more than the smart kid from the hood --  and all anyone told hm was to snap out of it. It's hard to recover from that kind of thing at 20 -- lots of people have done at lot worse than Lip did when that kind of thing falls apart. 

If there's a plot problem with the show, it's that to me -- the school would have been bending over backward to placate Lip after that situation went public instead of punishing him. Or at least I think they would have -- if you look at some of the ways schools have handled sexual assault recently, maybe not. 

I tend to be sympathetic to all of them, because they've all been endowed with a feeling of nothingness. The only people the Gallagher kids have been able to count on consistently have been the other Gallagher kids. That's why Debbie got so mad at Fiona last year for not supporting the baby -- they all give each other unconditional acceptance, because that's the only way they survived. Sooner or later you have to stop doing that, even to your family, but it's when you do there are always repercussions. 

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