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On 2/23/2020 at 12:13 AM, Annber03 said:

Right? And while I get the constant harassment and suspicion would bother some, at the same time, you should know by now that investigators always look at those close to the victim initially, so while it may suck to be under suspicion, if you can find a way to help, both to clear your own name and to aid in the case in general, why not just go ahead and do so? You claim you love this woman so much, but you won't do anything to help her? Okay. 

Yeah, I was kinda like, "...kay..." at that bit, too. 

But I am glad that they finally were able to solve the case and her family could get some answers at long last. And I'm glad those two other girls were able to escape their ordeal as well. It really sucks that some guy creepily peeping around your neighborhood doesn't raise enough alarms in some people's eyes-that's how a lot of these creeps get started, after all. 

I don’t disagree that I’d want my name cleared, but how many times has that video made the rounds that tell people to not talk to the police and lawyer up if you’re innocent? His behavior was crappy - yes. But I don’t blame his parents for being nervous that the police would just pin the murder on their son and call it a day and telling him to lay low. 

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That's true. Lord knows we've seen plenty of stories where police get tunnel vision and refuse to entertain any other suspects, after all. And as frustrating as it may be to not give up stuff to help clear your name, and while the way this guy went about it may have been rather odd and not helped his case any, there's a reason people are supposed to have rights when being treated as a person of interest/potential suspect in an investigation. 


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