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S05.E01: Folie à Deux

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I watch partly just for Joan's wardrobe. I have a 33 year old daughter in not upscaled NYC who wears designer clothes that she trades for website work. She winds up selling them at one of those shops mentioned above. 

About Joan's possible career change: Maybe she will become a medical examiner, which would allow her to still help Sherlock solve murders, but not have to worry her about losing a patient.

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On 04/10/2016 at 7:35 AM, Kathira said:

Yay, Elementary is back! I loved the opening scene with the suicidal guy. I laughed so hard when Joan tased him. The pull-back reveal of our kick-ass Joan was perfect. I've missed their snarky/sweet relationship. Yeah, the mystery was on the lame side, but the central characters on this show make me happy just to watch them. And a big welcome to Shinwell. Hopefully he can get picked up as a recurring character. It's happened to Nelsan Ellis before, after all.

My husband was very upset with this scene. He said "that guy just fell backwards with a six foot drop. His head is cracked open on the cement. He is dead." I had to admit that he had a point.

Love Nelsan Ellis too, it took me a bit to recognize him.

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9 hours ago, MischaMouse said:

Oh, you just HAD to post a picture of her in that damn tie. She looks like an old-time jail matron to me in that get-up. 

Hee! That or a bus driver, but somehow Lucy Liu makes it work.

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I just have to say, and I feel really bad, but as soon as that guy who got blown up in the beginning was shown talking to his pregnant wife, I knew he was dead. The poor guy might as well have been planning his retirement party. 

Glad to have this show back! I will usually defend Joans amazing, quirky wardrobe, but that tie...she looked like a meter maid. 

That guy they tazed has got to be dead. Dead, splattered, mush, gone. That was a long freaking drop, even if he didn't go over the edge. 

Hey there Layfayette! Your looking a little less fabulous these days, but its always great to see you. I am pretty sure his character was about to kill himself when Joan came by. I hope he comes back. 

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