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Oddly enough it was the microwave that started my dramas.  I bake these biscuits  (cookies) and I normally drizzle melted chocolate ( melted via microwave) them and stick them in the fridge to harden. Boys ate these just fine, no one questioned me. 

Once I accidentally tempered the chocolate and the boys insisted they were the best bickies ever so I had to keep tempering. I'm not great at it though so it can be a bit trial and error which stresses me out. 

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When will I ever learn to make sure to read the next page before I post?

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Attention milk chocolate aficionados:

There's a post of mine upthread about the delicious milk chocolate I found at Walmart in Canada.  Well, I'm back up there, this time in British Columbia, and sure enough, Walmart has the good stuff, apparently country-wide.  Yay.  I had 5 bars in my hand, but noticed several others, and had the terrifying thought, "What if there's another one I like better?"

So I decided to do another blind taste test, this time with six types of milk chocolate.--pretty much all the types of milk chocolate Walmart had sitting right there.

There was my previous winner, Great Value milk chocolate in the purple wrapper (100 grams).  But this time, I also had:

"Our Finest" (also a Walmart brand) extra creamy Swiss milk chocolate (100g bar)

Lindt Excellence extra cream milk chocolate (100g bar)

"Our Finest" Swiss milk chocolate cramy classic (300g bar)

Waterbridge Belgian extra creamy milk chocolate (400g bar)

Waterbridge Belgian milk chocolate (400g bar)

I had Mr. Outlier break off little pieces and put them in my mouth like a communion wafer, and note any comments I had, and then he ran through them again in a different order.  The comments were pretty consistent.  "A cinnamon note." "Whoa--very different, almost a fruit flavor."  "Gets better the longer it's in my mouth."

The winner?  We have a new champeen!  I liked the "Our Finest" extra creamy Swiss milk chocolate best.  I was very pleased that this is a 100g bar because I was kind of scared of always having my chocolate coming from a 400g bar, which I know from experience will go faster than four 100g bars.  The amazing thing about my previous favorite, the Great Value one, is that it is $1 Cdn a bar, which is like 80 cents in "real" money (ha ha ha).  The new favorite is $2/bar, which isn't the steal the Great Value one is, but still competitively priced compared to "regular" candy bars, none of which I love.  Is it worth twice the purple Great Value?  Evidently, since that's the one I'm going to buy a bunch of before I cross the border again.

My previous favorite, the Great Value milk chocolate, is still very good to me, and if I hadn't tried this other one, I would have been content.  One good thing is that the Great Value one has a version with almonds, and I like chocolate with almonds, so I'll stock up on a few of those for variety.  I always want to like the Hersey bar with almonds, but I kind of endure the chocolate to get the almonds.

Also, I compared the ingredients for all the bars, and my winner had hazelnut paste way down the list.  That surprised me, since I've never even been inclined to try candy with hazelnuts (oh lord, is there another blind taste test coming??).  But that's why I did it blind--I wasn't influenced by knowing which ones had cocoa butter higher in the list of ingredients than milk, and things like that.

But as I noted in the previous post the label says "Imported for Walmart Canada," and sure enough, I haven't seen it in the U.S.  But the good news is that I found it in both eastern Canada and western Canada, and apparently it's not just certain stores--the Walmart in Trail, BC, isn't exactly a flagship.  So I'll stock up again, and I'll do like I did last time--enjoy it knowing it really is my favorite, and when it's gone, it's gone, and I'll be okay knowing I'm making a decision not to waste calories on chocolate I don't love.

I'm not sure how to do photos, but I'll give it a shot.




Chocolate test.jpg

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14 hours ago, forumfish said:

On a recent trip to World Market, I bought a bar of Coco Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot, 60% dark chocolate. The wrapper is so pretty I saved it. The chocolate's good, too. I want to get the entire set, it looks like a set of books:


I did a double-take at that list, because haggis? But it's haggis spice, which actually sounds quite tasty.

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