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The Deleted Scenes Thread

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You know how you hear about scenes in Spoilers that never end up airing on the show? Well, here's a place where we can keep track of them!

I'm hoping someday, somehow we get to see that one scene of Bo reunited with Marlena and John from last November 2015. I can't believe they didn't find time to include that - one measly scene of the three of them together!

I'm also hopeful that we might someday get to see the presumably deleted scenes that show the consequences of Victor being revealed as Tate's ultimate kidnapper. I'm pretty sure that's where Josh and Beth were taking the storyline these last few months and I would have really enjoyed seeing Victor getting raked over the coals for one of his schemes, finally.

Kate being the kidnapper is so obviously a rewrite. I wonder how much they filmed with John Aniston before Dena and Ryan wrote the new ending... did we hear about material being thrown out for their return, the same way material was thrown out last fall when they arrived for the 50th?

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