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S04.E03: Hair Models and Filthy Martinis

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1 hour ago, Etickets said:

Anybody who thinks they are being healthy by eating turkey bacon should do some research. All processed meat is really bad for you. Increases both risks of cancer and heart disease. 

But death never tasted so good!

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13 hours ago, Belowdeckchatter said:

I was wondering that when Trevor is fired if they would hire Jennice to be the replacement deckhand. It would be fun to see the tension between her and kelley.

Ew barf! No thanks. I will take a dozen Trevors on my TV over one Jennice. Everything she said sounded like a teenager's diary entry. For her own sake, she should probably stay off camera.

11 hours ago, psychoticstate said:

I may be alone here but I like Ben.  Yeah, he's a pill over breakfast (which is my favorite meal, BTW) but I think he's got the most unforgiving staff job on the ship.  He doesn't get the breaks others can and do get - - he's the only chef and he cooks not only for the guests but also for the staff.  And as someone else upthread pointed out, the tip probably largely comes based upon the food and general experience moreso than all the effort that's put into making the quarters clean and shiny.  

Agreed. If it comes down to Kate vs Ben, I'll always give him the benefit of the doubt. On a boat like this, he has the most extensive workload cooking 6 meals a day, three for guests and three for crew, and he's a department of one. There is no reprieve or staggered sleep schedule like there are for stews and deckies. I won't deny he was acting immaturely, as was Kate, but I see where he's coming from. They just wrapped up a pain in the ass beach picnic and then he's expected to get back on the boat and cook two more meals. By the time he finishes cooking and cleaning, he's got maybe six hours of sleep before he turns around and does it all over again. 

I will say, he is a real diva about dietary restrictions, especially when it's a matter of taste and not health. I'd be real pissed if I was paying tens of thousands of dollars a day and every meal revolved around turkey bacon. His inability to adapt always blows the meal. 

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That's understandable to a degree but isn't that also.... his job? And I'm sure if need be the crew can manage to get their own meals, don't they have cereal, frozen pizza, etc.? I remember last season somebody heated up leftovers. If he doesn't like having to cook 3 meals a day or possibly have to cook late at night, why be a charter chef then? 

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11 hours ago, Etickets said:

All Kate had to do was to say on Ben's behalf "the plan is for an early dinner/clambake and then later tonight we will serve tapas platters around 9pm or a littleb sooner if you get hungry".  She was a total bitch about it, had to get her way.  I am with Ben on this one.  He is in charge of meals. 

This.  So easy, right?  I did not get the vibe AT ALL that Ben was saying he was only serving dinner one time, at 4 o'clock, and then he was done for the night, no more food for you.  Ben is a bit lazy but he's not lazy AND stupid. 

Unless he hooks up with Kate again and then I retract that last sentence.

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On September 23, 2016 at 8:51 AM, Rebecca said:

Isn't pork a white meat? Did the woman say she wanted turkey bacon because she didn't eat red meat?

i think it's different when you're really rich and able to have whatever you want all the time. I know these people get a discount but I wouldn't be overly concerned by getting "my money's worth" on the charter from Ben if I was able to eat whatever I want no matter the cost all the time.

ETA: what was the point of the tuxedo for the dog let alone needing it to be steamed first? Because they can, I guess. ?

No, pork is red meat. "The other white meat" was a marketing ploy years ago; it's  really classified as red meat.

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On 9/23/2016 at 11:51 AM, Rebecca said:

Isn't pork a white meat? Did the woman say she wanted turkey bacon because she didn't eat red meat?

I had left this for a long time before I posted it, so I deleted what I wrote about pork.  Just to add that nutritionally, meat that is over 65% myoglobin is considered red meat, and pork hits that level.  The USDA considers all land mammals to be red meat, so no matter how dark goose is it's never red meat.  Water mammals are also red meat but that's not really eaten by the vast majority of people in the US.

 I couldn't find the person who said it, but they said that Trevor seems cross eyed.  You know, I think he has strabismus in one eye.  Every so often you'll see that his left eye goes too close to his nose.  Like in the last episode when they were packing up after the clambake, at about 20:35 when Trevor is bitching about being put in his place again by Kelley he looked down then he looked up at an angle and you can see his eye isn't in the right place. Most of the time it's It looks worse than it does because his eyes are deep set and too close together, so they already look off to begin with.  Kelley has wonky eyes too, they aren't aimed straight, one or both of them aim a bit to the outside of his face instead of straight.  But because his face doesn't look like a bowling ball and he's not an asshole it's not as nearly as noticeable.

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  • 5 years later...

Rewatching this season.  Trevor is just clueless.  Clueless. Sieara not knowing the that there was alcohol in the drink the guest ordered was hilarious.

Ben is just a douche.  Nothing more.  He isn't that great of a chef to command this  attitude.  I have yet to see anything he put out as spectacular.  So it isn't Kate holding you back it's  your skills Ben.  The guy seems to think he is an elite chef.

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