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Compare & Contrast: CZ vs Other Anthology Shows

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  • 2 years later...

Thought I would make use of this thread. I watched the first season of American Horror Story, then got bored. It just tried to be too "naughty" and got tiresome.

I just watched the first season of Castle Rock. I admit that I liked it quite a bit, even with some things left hanging. 

Still, I think this is my favorite of the new horror/suspense anthologies. It's creepier than Castle Rock. It's less self-conscious than AHS. I think the stories are just stronger and more thought out. 

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Yeah, American Horror Story lost me a while back.  I just watched the first season of Castle Rock which I really liked, though it was not as creepy as Channel Zero

I haven't seen any of Netflix's Black Mirror; I've read some of the ep synopses and I don't think the show is for me.

I hope we continue to get more Channel Zero after this season, I think it's fairly unique (though I don't watch a lot of TV); it has its flaws but I've looked forward to every season!

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