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The Bachelorette Canada

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I don't know why, but I always assumed that the After the Final Rose show was live. I didn't know until they were talking about it on ET Canada last night that it was taped a few weeks ago. So for Jasmine and Kevin to cancel talk show appearances for yesterday morning, it seems like they have been having problems for awhile. They also reported that during production of the ATFR show (I assume they meant taping of it?) Jasmine had to take an hour break during it due to exhaustion? Maybe too emotional after seeing Mikhel? I can't imagine Kevin would have been happy about her reaction, let alone Mommie Dearest.

They also showed a clip of Jasmine and Kevin that was not shown during the show where they appear to be having a disagreement and it was closed captioned. But they continued to smile as if nothing was going on. Apparently Jasmine is able to hide her feelings behind a smile which makes me wonder if she was doing that (Kevin as well) through most of their appearance together on the ATFR show.

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1 hour ago, Ciarrai said:

I still think that they'll be done by Christmas.

Bets on the new Bachelor? I'm betting Mike.

A part of me hopes they'll start from scratch and find a new man. Break from the American mould!

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Just binge watched this season via methods, but damn was it a disappointing yet predictable ending. Also, it didn't help that this Canadian bachelorette looked almost exactly like Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Hey Bachelor Franchise, how about a clean break between US and Canadian contestants on the various shows?! (Although I'm pulling for the Montreal contestant for Nick!)

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I just watched this season and I was SURE she was gonna pick the most womanizer and inappropriate man of all. She had two great men (Mike and Mikhel) but obviously she has some insecurities and she doesn't believe she deserves a loving man that's why she always chooses men who will end up treating her like s$%. Of course they spilt up after 5 months. When you hear a man telling you he has had 50 first dates in 2 years you just gotta RUN.

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