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2016 Xtra Factor Live

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Assuming we'll have access to Xtra Factor videos/episodes all season I started a new thread. Post about Rylan and Matt or anything in the episodes. Personally, I'm still going to post about the extra auditions in the auditions thread.

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Oh, poor Danyl Johnson. Oh, I remember 2 Shoes. They're decent but I don't feel as bad for them as I do for Danyl. Goldie looks good. If I were an older lady in the UK, I'd take her aerobics class. I only vaguely remember Sami.

So much drama I'm learning about Googling things. Stevie Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine got together?

I'm very interested to learn that Ottavio actually got to Boot Camp in 2012 with Rylan.

When Rylan wears all black you can tell he used to be a model.

4th Impact still sound rough. Monica Michael still doesn't have the best voice but she looks fantastic.

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So Dermot basically revealed that Sharon has the Overs and Simon has the Girls. Interesting. This doesn't mean that Simon doesn't think he's found a Group he can sell... unless he gave Louis the Groups in which case he's given up on them. Looking over my reviews of the auditions, my guess is that Louis got the Boys because they seem pretty weak unless you put the cute ones in a One Direction judge-assembled group. That would leave Nicole with the Groups which makes sense. She would know how to coach them and not mess things up too much for a potential One Direction or Little Mix.

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The first live show had some good moments (Relley C) but sadly I'm not able to find a clip of Gifty yet and most of the night was lackluster. Thank goodness, I have these guys to cheer me up.

Honey G's mom seems normal.

They brought up James Arthur so I went to investigate. This is from wikipedia.


Arthur released "Say You Won't Let Go" on September 9, 2016 as the lead single from his second studio album Back from the Edge, which is due to be released on November 4, 2016. Arthur also re-signed with Syco. On 30 September, the single reached #1 on the UK charts, becoming his second chart topper and making him the first male winner to date to have two UK #1 singles.[71] The song remained on the top spot for two consecutive weeks.[72]

He's going to perform on the results show tomorrow. I listened to the new single. It's pleasant if not that exciting but it's perfect in a world where Ed Sheeran has number 1 songs. He might be tough to keep under control but I get why Syco didn't give up on him completely. He's valuable.

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