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This is the thread to talk about the character Darlene Alderson. She's Elliot's sister and hacker in her own right.  Cisco's on/off girlfriend. What makes her tick? There's been some discussion as to whether or not her childhood stories completely gel. Was she really kidnapped when she was 5 or was that story an illusion like Elliot visiting his mother when he was really in jail. Does she survive the shoot out at Lupes? 

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Things I find interesting about Darlene. Individually they might means nothing all together I think they are telling a story all their own.

  • The way she dresses: Almost always in shorts or short skirts and boots, heavy makeup and sunglasses, often heart shaped. In fact in a few scenes early on she reminds me of the cover art for Lolita. 
  • Prior to joining fsociety she was had moved away. Did she return after Elliot's meltdown in the server room?
  • Why is she missing from most of Elliot's childhood memories and photos?
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If I were to speculate why Darlene is missing, I would say because she was the overlooked child.  It seems the mother was an abusive asshole who probably treated both her children horribly and Christian Slater neglected her because she was not the special snowflake genius, male heir apparent that Elliot was.

Her style of dressing is partly trying to be seen in a family and by extension world where she was totally unwanted combined with hipster hacker girl chic.

This is just my two cents, not based on anything show runners have said.

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