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I'm bumping this up, because it may have a few people discussed in the upcoming Sequester edition.

Also, Matt and Dave, international Survivor's best melodrama.

On 11/10/2018 at 10:26 PM, Eolivet said:

And NZ Matt and Dave’s nebulous past was one of the funniest things on reality TV this year. They went from “went to the same high school” on the first episode to “one of my oldest and dearest friends” by the end. Their relationship grew in the telling of it every episode.

I recommend watching the latest season of Survivor New Zealand so everyone can see for themselves (well, I think it's good!) In order for the whole Matt and Dave experience, you must also watch the jury villa scenes, as they are integral to the plot.

I mean, Matt and Dave aren't on Sequester, but I think we should remember them at all times because of how much of a freaking trainwreck that storyline was.

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I had to google this Sequester of which you speak. Have you watched it?

I can't stand being on Zoom, let alone watching other people be on Zoom, so I can't imagine I would like it. 

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Check out the Survivor in the Media thread for more details. Some folks from Australia, a couple I recognized from New Zealand and a couple from South Africa.

I won't be watching either, as I can almost guarantee (though I'm not entirely sure) Adam of U.S. Survivor fame, who thinks he's besties with all of them, got one of the South Africa contestants so he could justify his stupid podium idol move.

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A new season of Survivor South Africa has just started. Haven't watched it yet, but I will be! If anyone needs help finding it online, just shot me a PM. 

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