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On 11/16/2016 at 10:25 AM, lovesnark said:

I thought the ceremony was going to be at the ever so classy 'Touch of Elegance'. When they were checking the place out, the guy taking them on the tour gestured to an area of the room and said the ceremony could take place there and the reception would be in the entire room. 

I'm with you on thinking it's ridiculous to get married over and over again in church. I have a friend that's on husband number 7 and every damn wedding has been a big production in various denomination's churches. She morphs into whatever religion her latest soulmate practices. When she was in her 40's and fixing to marry husband number 4, she had an epic temper tantrum because her elderly parents refused to go halfsies with her on a 10k wedding gown. Husband number 7 is a biker, so she morphed into biker chick at the age of 60 and had a full on Harley Davidson, black leather wedding.  This one took place in a biker church.

I have a friend whose mother has been married six times. She has a fat album of photos from her various weddings. One evening we were looking at it and we saw, I believe, Wedding #5, from the 1990s. Her mom was wearing a white stretchy lace number and kneeling beside a stained glass window in the church, hands folded in prayer, eyes turned... heavenward, I guess. 

Like your friend, this woman was a chameleon, changing her appearance, views, etc., to fit the character and nature of her latest husband. Interestingly enough, one who refused to marry her rode a Harley so she, too, became Biker Chick... for a season.

Makes me wonder how many people on the show are changing things about themselves to fit their beloved whom they meet online.

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On 11/21/2016 at 10:33 AM, Pepper Mostly said:

No one has, its ridiculous on its face. I'm sure among all of us here hundreds of weddings have been attended, and even the most old fashioned, traditional service hasn't included any such language. (And its not "does anyone object" it's "does anyone know of any impediment which would prevent these two from being lawfully joined" or somesuch--any legal reason, like an already existing wife. Think Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre.)...

[Patrick] is always off in a corner, drinking Coors light, moodily. Angrily. Seething with resentment. Hoping someone will pay attention to him.

My wife and I have been binging this show for the last couple of days.

First, I've been married twice. The "Does anyone object?" line was spoken at my first wedding in the mid-1990s (at an Episcopal church) and I'm not if it was spoken at my second (at the KISS wedding chapel in Vegas a couple of years ago). My late mother once asked a priest friend of hers what would happen if anyone did object. The answer is they temporarily stop the ceremony and take everyone in the back whilst determining if the objection really is a legit reason to stop the wedding (examples would be one would-be spouse currently in a side relationship, personal knowledge on the part of the objectioner that this was a sham marriage, etc). Patrick's "Matt's been married a few times already and I think it's a bad idea for him to marry a foreigner" would absolutely not stop anything for more than a few minutes.

As for Patrick: we're both wondering why Matt is even friends with him. He just seems mopey and whiny all the time.

A few other thoughts (some of which may be repeating other's observations over the last 60+ pages):

* Anfisa is a total queen bitch, but we have no doubt Jorge told her (or at least heavily implied) he was a Daddy Warbucks who would subsidize her with near-unlimited cash in exchange for her providing The Full Wife Experience. Think Melania Trump or even Tracy Tweed (who was the "kept woman" for a series of Japanese businessmen, discreetly sold their presents and invested the money after each relationship was over, and now never has to work another day in her life). When she asked for a $10,000 monthly allowance, she honestly thought he'd either say yes or come back with, say, $5,000 and allow himself to be talked back up to $7,500 or so. In other words, he thought it was a joke, but she thought it was a legit negotiation. Her ridiculous antics were juvenile lashing out over finding out how badly she'd misjudged the whole situation.

* Having said that, scratching up his car was a dumb, dumb, DUMB move, maybe the dumbest of them all. Pay attention, you Russian (or whatever) dumbass: He has text messages from you saying you messed up his car. If he goes to the police with that and photographs of the damage, you're getting arrested and probably deported immediately (as I'm sure the K-1 contains some kind of "good conduct" clause), and would probably not be able to get another American visa anytime soon, if ever. Fortunately for her, Jorge was still head-over-heels and forgave her. ITA with the posters who said he probably gets off on the abuse on some level.

* Moving on to Nicole: OMG, girl. Azan wasn't doing the PDA thing with you in public because HE COULD LITERALLY BE ARRESTED FOR IT. Even the father was saying "Do whatever you want with each other in your home with the door closed, but even I don't kiss my wife in public." And then she acted like the cheating thing was somehow not her fault. Uh, you could have just kept your legs closed. Add to that her annoying habit of regressing to toddlerhood every time something didn't go 100% her way, and I suspect Azan got lucky never marring her.

* Gotta love Nicole asking her mom to sponsor Azan, her mom saying No, Nicole replying with "We'll talk about this again when our emotions aren't running so high," and her mom calmly coming back with "My emotions are fine. The answer is No."

* Narkyia/Lowo: Lying Liar Continues to Lie. Story at 11.

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On 11/21/2016 at 2:48 AM, millennium said:

 Personally, I believe the marriage is doomed to failure.   Other than Ross Geller, no man marries four times and makes the fourth one work.

Stranger things have happened, though. When my ex-stepmother divorced my father, he was her fifth husband. She married her pastor two years later and they've now been together a quarter-century.

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This couple doesn't have a thread in the Couples forum and I decided not to add one for this single post.

Matt and Alla have a baby on the way! There are multiple slides, click the arrow on the right side of the IG to scroll through


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46 minutes ago, Kiss my mutt said:

How old is her son now? These two have certainly defied the odds!

I think by now he is in 5th or 6th grade.  I found her BG or IG and there was something about being a fifth grader, but it could have been last year.

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This couple doesn't have a thread of their own, so I thought I post it here. Narkyia and Lowo (The Nigerian Prince) are still married and expecting their first child together. They both have one from previous relationships.

Also, Narkyia had a gastric sleeve procedure performed in Tijuana, Mexico on March 15, 2019.



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