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S07.E09: The Wrath of Kahn

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I will say, I am impressed that the show waited this long to throw out the "Warth of Kahn" joke. It must have been hard to wait this long for that most obvious of references. 

Now when will we get Hannah screaming KAAAAAAAAAHN at the top of her longs while making a goofy face? 

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On 8/24/2016 at 2:34 PM, Jack Shaftoe said:

Ashley Benson has completely checked out? Her "intense" expressions in this episode were incredibly unconvincing. Not that I can blame her much if that's the case, the lines and plots that she is given are appallingly silly.

I suspect "offscreen recreational activities" are affecting her performances as of late.

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Remember when Hanna was a secret genius? Or when Spencer was an actual genius? Wow.

Also, this dialogue:

Jason: You're not a relative.

*anvil clunk*

Why did Aria tell Jason she was at the house with Ali? She was conspicuously absent and could have just said Ali told her what had happened. And now that we have confirmation that Arson sex happened, of course she's his relative.

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Is this shit even trying any more?

Marco Fury. Did he get 10 years older since the last time he was on? Not a good look.

Hanna. Girl, you're heavily into too dumb to live zone. Please stop. Also, please stop looking drunk.

Coffee shop girl looked awful. AWFUL. Which made me realize that clearly the only thing she has going for her in this role is her usual hotness, because I had less than zero use for her or any scene she was in. Actually no, her shoving the cupcakes at Emily in all her butthurt glory was AMAZING. 

Emily is such a dick, seriously. "You're in danger so turn down customers BECAUSE I SAID SO DON'T QUESTION ME." I think that Emily wins biggest asshole this season, even moreso than Caleb or Aria. I mean, not by much, clearly. But Caleb and Aria both had moments of usefulness this season. What has Emily even done? Everything she is involved in is either banal nonsense or utter moments of fail and stupidity. Shame, Emily. On a show that includes Ezria and The Downfall of Caleb, it's really hard to be the biggest fuckup, but GOOD JOB.

With regards to JudgeKahn adopting NoelKahn and the redacted documents - court records are public record (yeah, I don't know what that "you have to be family" shit even was) so public officials and celebrities will often petition the court to redact some or all of anything relating to them for safety reasons. Concluding that the heavy redacting meant JudgeKahn was the one to adopt the baby is actually SOMEWHAT reasonable, especially if you have a small pool of people to choose from in the first place. I fully expect, however, that Aria will be 100% wrong because she is a fool.

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you know that is one thing that needs to look at with Nicole and Ezra together it looks like Ezra learn to help other people when he was with her so some good did seem to come out of that relationship for Ezra

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