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Constantine Maroulis Faces Justin Guarini In The Battle Of The American Idol Ad Stars

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Constantine was like the Chris D'elia of the American Idol pantheon for me - there was a performance he did where he stuck his tongue out really quick, like a lizard catching a fly, and I don't remember what song it was but I still shudder at the thought of it.

That being said, it's nice to see that he has some self-awareness and is enjoying his soapy career for all that it's worth. But Lil' Sweet forever!

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I think you have to give it to Constantine, based on the fact that I had no idea that was Justin Guarini in those ads until just now.

Then again, Constantine wasn't wearing a weirdly colored wig and I STILL didn't recognize him, so...

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I wish the author of the story put a poll with it.  It would be fun to see how the the votes would go.  For me, it's close, but I think I'd have to give a slight edge to Constantine.  The Lazy Boy commercials make me laugh.  The Dr. Pepper commercials, not so much. 

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Guarini is the star of the commercials as Lil' Sweet. CM's Starvos is more of a secondary character. Both are funny, but Lil' Sweet uniquely cracks me up, has more commercials, and gets to sing. AND the Lil' Sweet "album" is a hilarious hoot. Got to give it to Guarini.

Good on both of them though.

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