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The Alienist by Caleb Carr

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On 3/28/2018 at 10:58 PM, Vermicious Knid said:

I thought in the end the show did a few things right and many things wrong. Sara was practically an automoton, and I have no idea if that's what the director instructed her to do or it was her own decision. She would make a perfect Vulcan for the next Star Trek movie. Speaking of directing, it drove me crazy how often there was a camera stuck right in an actor's face and they looked straight at it. I think they were trying for intimacy, that the viewing audience would feel the characters were speaking to them directly, but it was terrible. I had forgotten Joseph was killed. Was the dalliance by the detective with the girl from the Socialist meeting in the book? Because that brought absolutely nothing to the story and was totally unnecessary. And the Croton reservoir. It was a presence in the book and got mentioned numerous times before the climax. Here it just got thrown in at the end with no groundwork.

I just happened to watch Professor Marston and the Wonder Women on Monday only a few hours before this. Luke Evans played the title character and it was like, 99% the same as he played John. Which leads me to believe he is isn't very versatile as an actor.

I thought it was interesting as I was watching it I didn't find myself thinking of Bard the Bowman or Gaston or Vlad Dracul or Aramis or Detective Fields or Owen Shaw, I really just thought of him as John Moore, the other roles didn't enter my thoughts.  So for me that's enough to make me think he's got pretty good range as an actor. (On the other hand he did nearly get typecast as Greek gods - he played Zeus in Immortals and Apollo in Clash of the Titans, so maybe you've got a point. LOL)  He's done a lot of theatre, I just checked Wiki and it looks like he worked pretty exclusively in theatre, for the first ten years of his career, until 2010.  I knew he could sing obviously but I'd never really listened to anything that wasn't right in my face, which was only Beauty and the Beast, so I just got lost down a little youtube rabbit hole of Evans singing for about an hour, Gaston isn't a role that really does his voice justice - a few I particularly liked are one from La Cava in 2000 called I Stayed Behind that's just stunning and he does a wonderful cover of Delilah by Tom Jones at some sort of charity thing in Dublin in 2013 and the duet from Rent, Without You, his part starting at about 3:15 is powerful, but it's only the girl singing for more than half the song(she has a lovely voice, it's just a shame his part of the song wasn't bigger, One Song Glory is obviously his character's big solo number and he does a great job on it but the 2007 London version has been softened up from the rockier original and it's not as dynamic, lots of good singing from his leading role that Boy George musical Taboo too).  

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