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The World Needs More Dance Moms Whether Abby Lee Miller Is A Criminal Or Not

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I never tire of the show; still watching scenes on tape when bored with the Networks! Parts of Season 5 & 6 could be skipped, but overall I enjoyed it up to Abby finally leaving! She beat the Irreplaceables with her MINIs all the way to the end of the show! ;-)

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I have not watched any of the episodes after the last one aired.  With each original cast member that left, the show got more stale for me even though I continued to watch.  My interest in Dance Moms piqued again with all the Abby got out of jail news.  I fascinated to see if she gets another show because part of me wants to watch Abby again (if you don't agree that's fine).  I just hope her character has more redeeming qualities towards her students to balance her not so polish personality. 

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They all know what they've signed up for. They want to be part of a winning team, and Abby develops winning teams. She's a tough coach, to be sure, but the girls love her.

The mothers are all annoying. I watch because I love to watch the dancing. I marvel at the grace and skill of these young ladies. Since I am blessed with two left feet, one of them encased in a concrete boot (seemingly), the girls' talent is amazing to behold. 

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