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S05.E15: OMGG

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What a horrible thing for Reza to do. As others have said, what kind of person does that? I hope he gets a full dose of karma soon and it gets posted to YouTube, this way Andy, who clearly favors him, can't control it.

I totally agree that GG looked amazing in this episode. I do hope MJ and Tommy the best. They're an odd pairing but seem to really love each other...at least for now.

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On 8/2/2016 at 0:40 PM, HunterHunted said:

It's funny because that shot of Shervin trying to hold GG back is what the Bravo Now app uses to ID Shahs. GG looks great. Shervin looks great. It's a gorgeous shot. It looks like a soap opera.

Especially in the early seasons, MJ did come off as being in love with Reza. I think she's finally over him. I've always believed that Reza is cheating on Adam. When Reza first talked about his relationship with Adam it sounded so fetishist. It was pretty clear that Reza was fixated on his whiteness and that there certain things Reza should have known about Adam's background and he didn't. The relationship has never felt particularly mutual.

Reza may have started this season thinking he was a fan favorite, but he's finishing this season knowing that's not true. When he's been on WWHL, he's lost every poll. He lost the whose side are you on poll. He lost the real estate poll. And tons of people were gleeful when they heard about the bankruptcy, even though it wasn't true. Reza is a nasty piece of work. I personally would love it if he was tossed from the cast, but I think it would hurt him more if he was demoted.

I'd sure as hell sign a petition to get Reza demoted to "friend of" (at the very least).  I, for one, will not be watching his spin-off show.  I hope it's just a few episodes (like one of those Real Housewives three-parters) and not on for an entire season.  No wonder Reza's nasty-assed ego is so inflated.  I hate that fat, bloated, POS.

I agree that it would hurt Reza more if he was just demoted and not booted from the cast entirely.  Anyone remember Sammy? (the chubby guy) who was in real estate/construction from S1?  They showed him working for Mohammed Hadid / Yolanda's ex (from RHOBH).  Maybe Reza should get kicked off the show for a few seasons to humble him.

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