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S04.E22: Change Partners

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Okay, Brandon rolling his eyes at ANYONE for "going on" about an issue is absolutely fucking rich.  Brandon, your poor twin has had to put up with your braying for YEARS now. Remember embarrassing her and your parents and your crush when you brayed at your dad's client on said-crush's behalf? Remember the days-long brayoff for Donna's graduation? Maybe STFU when she expresses her opinion on animal rights and testing.

What the hell is up with that RA? People are allowed to listen to whatever song they like, even if they're playing it over and over. It can't be too loud of course, but that didn't seem to be very loud--it sounded as though it were the music itself that was the problem.  Isn't there a drug den you could be shutting down? Damn, between the RAs who hit on the freshmen and the busybodies, that floor just can't win.

OMG that picture of Muntz with the moobs. My EYES.

Lucinda has some serious boundary issues, between sleeping with a student and making a pass at a potential angel. She is a hot mess.

I actually love Brinda's cropped sweater and braids! Very cute.

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