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Big Parker backstory episode airing in USA on 3/14 "Thick as Thieves"!

Using this thread to say: I'm so happy and can't believe that Gary Cole has landed this starring role at the age of 65.

If only it had happened sooner, because he clearly had the chops and gravitas to anchor any popular show 10 to 15+ years ago.
As a close example: he could have been the team lead on NCIS: New Orleans for the past 7 years.

I hope he is in this NCIS role for the next 5+ years (commercial $$ willing), but it can't be physically easy for any 65-70 year body to run, fight, crawl in vents much. (The writers will take care of it).

I was a huge fan of the original CSI and there was much (more?) similar hoopla when the Gil Grissom character (William Petersen, his real life Chicago pal) quit the show in 2009. I suppose Gary Cole looked too young in 2009 to be a "silver haired guru" lead for such cbs procedural shows. He has always looked younger than his age. But what if, right?


Thank you NCIS showrunners for picking GC seemingly out of nowhere.
Dylan McDermott is taking over as the FBI: Most Wanted lead now. That's a more predictable casting as McDermott has a "higher starring profile" on his resume.

Less important below:
I consider NCIS his biggest role as finally Gary is #1 on the call sheet. I've grown familiar with his work the past few months, and he was never in the top-billed cast, he was always credited 6th - 15th, as the supporting "dad" or "grandpa" or "senior veep strategist".

The shows he was the lead in were long ago and not popular hits (American Gothic, Midnight Caller, Wanted).

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