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S12.E09: Week 8

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Gosh, those man-pris look weird. At least Chris wore normal pants. Now I'm trying to picture Harrison in man-pris. Robby and Jordan look like they're about to fall asleep, but I think the sun is in their eyes. And here comes Chase sneaking in behind! No matter what drama, Jordan has to fix his hair!

I just saw the monkey. Maybe it was a promotion for that new movie that has a guardian monkey (Kobu??).

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Speaking into the void here, but I liked Chase and Derek the best. Definitely more my speed. They didn’t need to be the center of attention in every scene and have a quiet, steady way about them. I think if they say something, it might not be the most romantic utterances of love or affection, but I think it’s genuine. They’re both handsome with distinctive noses that I’ve always found appealing. Slow and steady wins the race and they have enough sex appeal that chemistry could easily develop. I think they’re both capable of being very sensuous. 

I don’t think it was this episode but that brown dress JoJo had on for one of the final rose ceremonies was about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. 

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