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S03.E17: Debasement Tapes

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From IMDB: "Washed-up rock star Desmond Fellows arrives at Hearst to play a charity concert for the campus radio station to find that his backing tapes have disappeared. With his job and the survival of the radio station at stake, Piz calls Veronica despite their recent post-kiss awkwardness. Piz and Veronica are tasked with tracking down the tapes and babysitting a drunk, irresponsible, and depressed Desmond Fellows. Meanwhile, a new and surprising contender emerges to challenge Keith in the race for Sheriff."

Ok, we're in the home stretch here. From here on out these episodes are all basically "filler" there's no overarching mystery to solve, it's all cases of the week and relationship dramas. I don't hate that, however it makes the season feel like it ends on a whimper rather than a bang to me. It's fine, this is a great episode, but there are not any real stakes now that the Dean's murder has been solved, the rapes are long solved and

We're not going to find out that Keith looses the election (presumably)

So for this episode. I love Paul Rudd here, I love Piz and Veronica! I don't mean that I love them as a couple but they're both great in these rolls and now that Piz isn't trying to get Veronica away from Logan it's more enjoyable to watch him be awkward and flirt with Veronica.

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Lol Paul Rudd, it took me a while to recognize him with his weird hair.

Nice to see Leo again, and to have Vinnie show up as a good guy. Uggggh at him running for sherif though - poor Keith can't catch a break with this job, huh?

This was fun and cute, but yeah it's too bad that there's not some big mystery to be finaleed up.

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Other than the made up mystery of what happened to the tapes (really, you're going to check a back-pack as luggage, its easily small enough as a carry on, in which case, how could you accidently confuse it with someone elses?), definitely a filler episode.  I think it sucks that Vinnie is going to challenge Keith and his slimy ways are probably going to win.

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Logan sulking when the prof shut down his female posterior admiration business proposal presentation did not endear him to me. (I also note that the whole class was Totally Into It, you guys.) 

It felt like they made Max more socially at ease in order to make him more appealing as a mate for Mac. It didn't feel natural and obvious to me. (Although I enjoyed Max immensely in his previous appearances.)

I loved Paul Rudd in his scenes with Kristen Bell. "What are you taking pills for?" "You know ... life." 

I do not care whether Veronica dates Logan or Piz. The things that keep Logan and Veronica apart seem to change constantly and it feels like weak characterization. 

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