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The Leftovers Star Carrie Côôn Will Be The Female Lead For Season 3 Of Fargo

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Yes!  I kind of fell behind on The Leftovers, since while a good show on a lot of levels, it can just be so hard to get through at times, but Carrie C*** was amazing in it, and I have to think she'll be amazing here.  This show sure knows how to get me excited!

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**** yeah!

I watched the first season of The Leftovers and she was amazing.  She gave the best performance on the show (and they had some talented actors too).  Her casting and Ewan McGreggor's bodes VERY VERY well for Season 3.

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After approx one half of the season is now over, I would just like to say that IMHO, Carrie is a terrific actor. Unfortunately, it seems to me that she is being very much under-used and under-appreciated in this season.  (I sure do wish I knew whether there is supposed to be a hyphen in those two words).

I realize that the following is just a subjective opinion and can never really be "proven" one way or the other.  So, I will just state my opinion and send it out to the Gods of Fargo critics. There are so many aspects to her characterization of this police chief, it can never really be known just how much of her work is truly appreciated or not. But, I believe the audience just seems to take her work for granted and I think that if that is true, it's just a crying shame, you know?   She is truly great!  I hope she has a career that is as long as and as start studded as Frances McDormand.

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You know, in all honesty, after having watched the season thus far, I would not consider Carrie C*** to be the female lead. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is.

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