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S02.E04: The Walls Of Jericho

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Are we supposed to care about Jamie and Logan's forest adventure? Because I really don't. But of course, somehow her character is more important than Chloe's, who may be dead? Unless she becomes a Zoombie as well. Hell, Chloe has a lot of her own flaws, but I like her way more than Jamie. Also, New Brunswick in December/January (I THINK the first episode had the timeline set at the beginning of December) is not that cold. Come on. The Arctic, I would understand. Hell, even in the Canadian territories. But unless Jamie's been living beside the equator her entire life, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be that freezing cold. But apparently, to Americans, Canada is freezing cold in the winter, no matter where you are. 

But maybe in Zoo-world, not only are the animals changing, but the global climate is too.

I will say that Chloe being Jamie's guide and not Mitch made me smile. Also, that it was Dariela that was with Chloe when she died, or knocked unconscious, or whatever (I'll believe that she's dead when they show her body being autopsied on or if the show is over). I will give this show credit for exploring all kinds of pairings and having some decent female interactions.

Alligators and sloths. This is seriously just great. 

Chloe/Jackson get a moment of her propping him and his superpower. No, girl, his superpower is now talking to the animals...literally. But hey, at least Jamie isn't there to ruin the plan, right? I will say watching Jackson backhand General Davies in the face was very satisfying.

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