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8 minutes ago, stane said:

there's  apparently few fish this season , so most of the netting will need to be shifted over into making  weir- type traps for waterfowl,   and netting-wrapped, sapling framed box traps for other birds, like magpies, pigeons, and for small mammals. The walking around hunting is a sucker's bet. Baited tree stands, snares for big game, that's all I'd bother with.  Elk, moose, caribou can be foot snared to a drag log and arrowed later.  Deer can be strangled. You have to braid 4 strands of the 20 ga wire into a cable that's capable of holding them, tho.  Because duck meat is so fatty,  and deer venison so lean,  the flesh from  20 ducks provides just as many calories as does a 100 lb deer.  The duck weirs can each catch 810 ducks at a time. The birds can mostly be kept alive, either tied wings and feet, or in a small pen. This removes the need to preserve their flesh, until consistently freezing weather does so for you. The birds will probably draw predators, like weasels, fox, lynx that can be arrowed or shot, too. Beware of owls, hawks  and eagles snatching your food-supply.

fishguts/heads and/or boiled, then roasted cambium will bait in gulls and ducks. they LOVE bread, you know. 🙂 Cambium is plentiful, but burns a lot of time/calories to get processed.  WW2 studies showed that 160 lb men lose weight FASTER if they eat less than  150 calories per day, than if they merely fasted. So, if you can catch only a few small fish, use them as bait for the duck traps (assuming that there's lots of waterfowl around) Gulls offer much less calories per lb than ducks and taste nasty, but you're clearing $3000-$4000 per day out there, so chomp down on gulls. and smile all the way to the bank!

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