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S11.E07: Best of Auditions

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Nick Cannon hosts a special recap of the moments that left America speechless during the auditions. Never before seen footage is also revealed as we get ready to head into the judge cuts.

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Because I am incredibly thorough in my reality competition show viewing and an Olympic level procrastinator of important life things I watched and will comment. For those who like statistics, I believe they re-showed 49 (possibly 50) acts who got 3, or 4 yeses...or were the 5 golden buzzer acts. The only person who they might not have shown us before was a danger act where they were dropping things on some guy's head from an elevated platform.

After watching all the auditions shows I will be stunned if these acts don't survive the judge cuts:

Edgar (the closest thing to a band we have this season)

Eleven Player (the Drone dance act from Japan)

Hara (The computer assisted magician guy from Japan)

The Russian Bar Act (barring catastrophic injury)

Jon Dorenbos (with a caveat that his NFL responsibilities might force him to drop out)

The Knife throwing Husband and Wife

The Clairvoyant Wife and her husband

The 14 year old contortionist girl (Sophia L.)

Tape Face


Musicality (Acapella High School Group)

Kadie Lynn (the 12 year old country singer)

Cinematic Pop (the unnamed pop/choral/orchestral group from a couple weeks ago).....This is my act that I will root hopefully for this season :-)

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I have a little wiggle room in the fulfilling real life category, plus I missed a couple of audition episodes, so I'll comment, too.  : )


I hadn't seen either of the two acts with the . . .computer backgrounds?  The couple floating in air and the man turning into a bird and flying away--both stunning.

I had seen the quick-change clothes artist, but I liked seeing it again.  It's so silly and yet I'm still amazed and mystified.

I'd only read the comments about the nonagenarian stripper, but WTF???  They did her no favors passing her on, let alone presenting her with the golden ticket thing.  She already had a cool experience to entertain her friends & family, she did NOT need the pressure of coming up with a followup set of gyrations.


I can't believe they highlighted so many substandard precocious kids and spunky seniors.  Even though my ear is pretty much tin, I think that kid belting out Nessun Dorma was sufficient to prove the same bar could be set for everyone.

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I can't believe they highlighted so many substandard precocious kids and spunky seniors.

There were two weird things about this:

1.  When an act doesn't pass the Wal-Mart test*, it shouldn't get put through, let alone the golden buzzer.

2.  I'm not saying you should pander to the 18-49 group advertisers talk about, but why go so far out of your way to scare them off?

*  When you set up a desk at a Wal-Mart anywhere in America, and give a $100 prize to the most talented act you see that day--that act passes the Wal-Mart test.  Make sure to get the manager's permission before trying this in real life.  A variation is if you've personally met several more talented kids or seniors, and you don't work in the entertainment industry (though there are worse problems to have.)

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