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S02.E07: Till Debt Do Us Part

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10 hours ago, moonbunnychan said:

It depends on where you are, really.  When people think of NYC they mostly think of Manhattan, but places like Far Rockaway (and truthfully like half of Queens and a decent chunk of Brooklyn) are much more suburban.  You can get to Far Rockaway by train but it's harder to get around there and most people depend on cars.  In Manhattan, yes absolutely a car is more trouble then it's worth.

Yes, well certainly with this information, it does make the car seem a lot more logical...

However....I am still mightily pissed off that manchild ben didn't hesitate for even a nanosecond to lie about where they really live. I also noticed - and I'm not sure whether it was this episode or another, so this could be a tad OT - in which case apologies for doing so - ben was talking in a very mealy mouthed, hesitant way about how he and Vicki had 'agreed' that he/ben/bigshot would control their finances...I got the distinct impression that he was fully expecting vicki to jump in with a massive contradiction...from that second on I have been certain that this was the result of yet another one of ben's trips to his buddy the rabbi who would find some Torah convenience to once again  pronounce ben correct and vicki shit out of luck for having any voice whatever in how HER household, HER life was to be run.

I am finding vicki's predicament the saddest...she wants the orthodox life, but is being blindsided on every turn with how her opinions/wants/desires don't count for shit...surely someone could have laid it all out for her before the engagement/wedding took place? Did her previous experience in Israel/was it in a kibbutz? NOT give her any idea of what was to come? Or did she just not pay attention? Did she make the massive mistake of trusting ben to actually have some respect for her?

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I know very little about Judaism, very few live in the middle of Oklahoma like I do. I think it would be so difficult with the changed roles of men and women in society over the past 30 years to align in any way with the Orthodox Judaism. It does kind of seem they are picking and choosing parts of the Torah, but I guess we all pick and choose parts of our faith. The thing that just pissed me off royally was Manchild Ben saying he would be disappointed if Vicki chose not to cover her hair. I realize she had an awareness of what she was getting into, but that was a real dick move.

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