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S01.E02: Honeymoons And Tears

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We follow the three couples as they navigate intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. Halie and George, nervous but giddy, spend their first night together. Brenda and Travis head off to honeymoon in Mexico, while Emma and Joey honeymoon in Canada and then start their life together in Oregon.

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Oy. So much to say about this show:

George and Hailie I think will make it because of the Mormon thing. She’ll be homesick, but I think she’ll do okay for herself. Her mother saddened me when she said that all she’s done for 25 years is had kids and raised them and now what. The woman has zero identity of her own and believes she had one purpose in life that is over now. How sad.

Travis and the Liberal: I can’t remember her name but I love her. I so wish she did not meet this guy. He might be nice and all, but this girl was going places and could be making a huge mistake. If she gets pregnant and drops school, she will regret it so much later on that she did not wait and finish school. Her mother will be heartbroken. You know that family knows what it’s like to struggle and to see your daughter on the path to such success get wrapped up in romance and marriage must be very trying for her mother.

The blonde and the lazyboy: They both look awful in the TH sections. His hair is gross. She has dead looking eyes to me. She was pretty in the wedding. The blonde hair does not do her any good. What she sees in this immature fool is beyond me. I have little sympathy for her because she knew going in that this is an ambition-less lunk . She is going to be miserable. I can see him sitting in the basement in dirty clothes playing Xbox for days at a time well into his 30s.

Edited to add: They pushed the limit calling this show "teenage newlyweds" when half of them are not teenagers and all but one is at the highest teen number. 

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