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S08.E10: Unhappy Holidays

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Dramas in the Berkshires continue. In one corner: Bethenny. In the other: LuAnn. In the city, Jules adapts to life without a nanny, and the ladies gather for Ramona's holiday party, where pressures to apologize stir up tension.

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"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."                                                      

Oh, riiight...                                                                                                                                                                                                          

It's  Bethenney™ ® ©                                                                                                              

ALL --Bethenney   AND Ram?na? AND Carol? AND Jules? AND Sonja? AND Dorinda? AND LuAnn-- are peculiarly engaged in an alcohol-fueled, creepy socially insular, and more than, oftentimes, intellectually stultifying milieux as some lurch or lunge beyond the purview of cosmetic tinkerings ...periodically, bizarrely altering their faces beyond clownish farding.  

"THIS.IS.MADNESS." ➡It's a habitat consisting of a Haze of Deception and a Fog of semi-socio/psychoPATHY involving inebriated crass and base characters. Yeah, I do not 'like' any of these 'wives' this Season. In addition, indeed, I do harbor disgust in varying degrees about  #alltheira$$es. Yet, again, here is my BUUUT...                                .                                                           

Bethenney. Bethenney is a nut. That's whut. She's sho nuff good 'n' damn cra-zy. What Bethenney is NOT--is some unusual wit, deliverer of The Bon Mots, repartee extraordinaire. Nor, is she of a singular sharp-mindedness. Women this world over have such traits, such characteristics, such skills. (Yes❗ Yes❗ I know she has that "gold-pressed latinum".) Furthermore, this wit and accompanying 'ticisms may be rather easily manifested if many were utterly willing to discard every vestige of basic social decorum and HUMANe awareness while ferally sniffing, slathering, and seeking unfounded baseless 'retribution' ...then have a radio show to bolster her 'tetched-in-the-head' outrageous slurs. It's amazingly surrealistic.

Has ?LuAnn? ever lobbed 'incendiary devices' at Bethenney of a kind to cause this MEASURE of rancor and deliberate vindictiveness with napalm additive❓Bethenney was ridiculous? Bethenney was pathetic? Bethenney was wrong? and ultimately climaxed with giddiness when LuAnn broke into tears. Buut... really, the rest are not much better. *(...and ...Andy Cohen is more than the same.)*

P.S.(Damnit❗) I. Can. Not. Stand. Carol's smug Bethenney™-licking ass.

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I groaned (and startled Mr. Straycat )at the beginning of this episode when it was a continuation of last week's fight. I am no fan of Lu's but Bethenny and Carole had no right telling her all about what was wrong with her and then pretending they were sorry for what they said the next morning. And once again these two were rude and left Dorinda's rather abruptly. I would have been hurt if I had been Dorinda. 

Jumpsuits, especially red lace ones, are NOT Lu's friend.

I'm with Dorinda on why she didn't invite Sonja to her party. I can understand Sonja's hurt feelings but Bethenny would have chewed her up and spit her out. Lu has thicker skin and can take it better than Sonja I think. 

I roll my eyes so hard everytime the word 'friend' is mentioned with these women. They are not friends, not in the true sense,  they are players on this reality show. 

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Ya'll, Bethenny's ass is a medical marvel. So many people can fit up there. When she dies, it should be in The Smithsonian.

I missed the first half hour, but I'm with Sonja on not cornering Bethenny to talk. I can't stand forced interactions. If someone doesn't want to talk to you, leave them alone. Also, motherfuck Bethenny. Who the hell cares if she never speaks to you again? I'm going to paraphrase asshole Chad from The Bachelorette. "You've gone your whole life not knowing Bethenny, who cares if you don't see her.?"

Good on Sonja for telling Ramona her party sucks, though she lost me with her soft boiled comment? I don't know where she was going with that. If she were smart, she would've loaded up on some food on the way before she left.

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1 minute ago, islandgal140 said:

Wait a minute. .. Did Jules say this episode that this has been the best 24 hours of her life?!?!? Isn't her dad in the hospital and really sick? Hell is wrong with this chick!!!

Yes. And why was she at home trying to make breakfast with the stove off instead of at the hospital with her sick father? She made it sound like he was dying last week and this week she's all 'oh, he'll be fine". She's not right. 

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1 minute ago, mbaywife123 said:

Bethenney really wants nothing to do with the other people on the show, she just wants to show up, hurl insults and then get out of Dodge as quickly as possible. AKA stay on Andy's good side and collect her paycheck.

Carole leaves with her because she is firmly attached to Bethenney's asshole.

Bethenny wants to get out as fast as possible before someone gets mad enough to out the skeletons in her closet when she attacks them.

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22 minutes ago, Sheenieb said:

I missed the first half hour, but I'm with Sonja on not cornering Bethenny to talk. I can't stand forced interactions. If someone doesn't want to talk to you, leave them alone. Also, motherfuck Bethenny. Who the hell cares if she never speaks to you again?

If you're a Housewife on this show, it matters because you don't get camera time if Bethenny won't interact with you.  You get left out of Dorinda's dinner parties and trips with "the girls." 

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10 minutes ago, zoeysmom said:

We need a poll question how many people think Bethenny was seeing her married new boyfriend back in mid-December when this was filmed?  The Post broke the story in February.

I vote that she won't leave, she will make it all about HER. Look at ME, listen to ME, I am Bethenney Frankle and I am the most wonderful, wise, flawed person and I own it!

Sorry quoted the wrong post. Meant to quote BloggerAloud.

Edited by mbaywife123
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When Carole was lying in bed with Beth the morning after, her cheekbones scared me.  Bethy needs to get rid of that gray onesie she was wearing, Sonja needs to trash that ill-fitting red pantsuit, and Lu needs to shred that lace jumpsuit.  Maybe they can use Ramona's extensions to light a bonfire.

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I tried to watch this show.  I tuned a couple of times but I couldn't take the screaming and the fleeing. I found that I would rather suffer through a Thor movie to catch a glimpse of Tom Hiddleston than spend time with those soul sucking demons from the Upper East Side!

I did tune in later (after I was sure Tom's character was dead) and got to see more of Bethenny being mad and not wanting to talk to Luann or Sonja at the next party.  What is the point of this show if one bitches and complains about interacting with your castmates.  I mean suck it up Beth!  Later I was pleasantly surprised by Luann's apology.  I sensed a real change in her voice from the Berkshires apology - she sounded very earnest to me.  And if Bethenny did not accept it, I don't think I could watch this show again.  If Carol doesn't accept it, well I don't really care.  Does anyone?

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And Beth still hasn't sincerely apologized to Luann.  Not even in her blog. Oh, she says she was wrong but feels the need to point out that Lu has her name misspelled on her phone.  And of course, it's about Lu saying something about Skinnygirl.  Great.  Then stay on point Beth because you were mute when it came to Lu stealing another woman's man.  In any event, I just wanted to slap Beth.  Yeah, don't thank your host....while you walk out the door in your pajamas and stupid hat.  What the heck did Doris do to deserve such rudeness?  Oh, I forgot, it's always about Beth.  Who died and made you queen?  And your loud voice would give anyone a headache.  Not that it matters to you.

Dorinda should have invited Sonja but she didn't because of Queen Beth who probably made it clear that she wouldn't come.  Sad.  These women need to grow some.

Yeah, not feeling Lu's jumpsuit.  But she did manage to rock it more than the vast majority of other women could.

Ro - your hair looks terrible.  It's so 'flat' on top and way too long.  Not that it would look all that much better but a half an inch higher on top would help.  Look at all the other women.

Jules - you need to learn basic skills.  I don't care if your mother never made coffee.  It's 2016.  And um, people survive without nanny's and housekeepers.  It's called the real world.  And saying that just makes you look really dumb.

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I'm feeling sorry for dim bulb Sonja.  They are all really treating her like shit.

Jules doesn't remember to call her kids and the shitstorm trip was the best 24 hours of her life.  Umm, Hun?  If you haven't had a tubal ligation, call the doctor stat!

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1 hour ago, zoeysmom said:

We need a poll question how many people think Bethenny was seeing her married new boyfriend back in mid-December when this was filmed?  The Post broke the story in February.

Didn't she just say she was up to 3am with someone she'd known for a long time and that it was really good. I've been wondering if that was the guy...

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Wow, Jules.

Last episode, Jules stated that she believed her father to be DYING as she made NO move, whatsoever, to go to his side. Now, huh(❓)  Oh! Right. That was her path to the confederacy that exists in Bethenny's Ass. WHAT IS Jules able to do❓ Seriously, what❓  She's another one who needs to 'lighten up' with the weave.  

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I would really like to know before I watch this shit storm anymore, what percentage of the other HW's salaries BF is paying?  I used to think Beth was righteous...now, not so much.

That sickening performance of Ramona and Lu sucking-up to Big Bucks Bethenny at the Xmas party was particularly disgusting (and. For God's Sake Lu, never wear that Holiday Jumper thingy again...it looks like elves threw up on whore house drapes.)

Do these Hosewives need money this bad?  Sonja you may be a whack-a-doodle, but a least she has some pride .Good on her for leaving.  The others should be truly ashamed for hurting her feelings.  

Bitches be crazy (and totally unlikable as well as being skanks.) I hope that the Gods smile on you and you never need friends Ho'wives, cause you will be SOL.

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I'm built similarly to Lu, and you would not catch me dead in that horrific pantsuit.  She reminds me of Eileen from the BH cast.  Both gorgeous women in their 50s with great bodies, and both wearing hideous high-waisted pantsuits.  Luann's looked like some monstrosity that would get you voted off Project Runway.

It looked like Lu and Carole were having a comfortable conversation after Bethenny walked away, and after Sonja swooped in.  I hope everything is smoothed over and no one mentions that argument again.  I know everyone wanted Carole to move on because Lu was apparently over it.  But when you have an argument, you can't dictate how long the other person gets to "get over it". 

I realize Sonja's supposed to be the sympathetic character here, but she still annoys me.  The way she swoops in with her (most likely uninvited) entourage.  The way she attempts to command attention with her entrances.  And the grand exit as she yells and throws her snotty napkin on the floor for the serfs to clean up.  And it doesn't seem wise to be tearing into your one remaining ally - Luann.

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