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Kevin Atwater: I Better Be Turner

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So far, Kevin Atwater and his partner Kim Burgess have provided much of the comedic moments in an otherwise often dark show, interacting with Platt or one another. 

Now, however, we are beginning to get glimpses of other sides of Atwater. For instance, the day he took Ruzek's place on a stakeout, which he himself dubbed "amazing," showed us just how capable he would be working for Intelligence. 

Also, we got a tiny peek at children in his life. Although we don't know the precise nature of the relationship between Atwater, the girl and her brothers, it doesn't seem he is their father, as the little girl addressed him as Kevin. Perhaps he is their uncle and serving as guardian, for a reason that may soon be explained.

What do you like best or least about Atwater? What do you think will happen to him in upcoming episodes?

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I'm really disappointed by how little they are giving this character to do! There is so much potential for good storylines - e.g. his relationship with Burgess, or with his little sister. (Will we ever even find out why he has custody?) He is essentially the only character who has NO significant other or even date!

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I was actually a bit surprised, seeing Atwater and Lindsay eating at the diner together...I don't see them as particularly close friends to just hang out, and I don't think we've ever seen them partnered up by Voight, have we? Huh.

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