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Adam Ruzek: Love Me or Leave Me

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From the first moment we saw this character, Adam Ruzek was raring to go. His enthusiasm for police work - and life in general - made it impossible for him to go unnoticed. As Olinsky later told Voight, his instinct told him this was definitely the rookie for them.

As we also learned from the pilot, Ruzek is the son of a cop - one who apparently worked with Olinsky and Voight, and wasn't too liked by either. What do you suppose happened?

Now, Ruzek is having some doubts about his quickly approaching nuptials, dabbling in a relationship with Burgess. The situation is all the more complex, given that Wendy is no one-dimensional shrew, a nasty woman whom no one could blame might scare a man into the arms of another. But both Adam and Wendy are basically good people. The only real question is, are they good for one another?

What do you like best or least about Ruzek? What do you imagine will happen to him in upcoming episodes?

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Haven't seen the latest episode yet, but I would gladly see Ruzek eat a bullet or get RTU'ed if it means we can keep Sumner around.  Ruzek gives me bad Ben MacKenzie flashbacks, but while Ben MacKenzie, Supercop had to go through a learning curve where he paid his dues and got rightfully shit on by all of the veteran cops, Ruzek doesn't even need to do that.  He gets to ascend from the police academy to an elite unit on the virtue of not shitting the bed, and he even thinks he has the right to talk down to cops who have seniority on him by virtue of them still wearing a uniform while he doesn't.

And yeah, I'm still annoyed that Melissa Sagemiller's detective got killed off for the sake of this asshole.

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Ruzek is one of my faves so sorry disagree about wanting him gone and I like him a lot on the shoe !

I think Ruzek has proven he is an asset to the CPD and comes through when push comes to shove and I like his relationship with Olinski and his scenes with Platt and Burgess too so Adam has won me over and I hope to find out more about him but do think he needs to end his engagement to Wendy as I feel that is not going to end well !

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I loved Adam in this episode. I hadn't really paid much attention to him before but he really stood out for me tonight. I don't know if it is maybe because of his scenes with Platt but something about him just made me sit up and take notice.

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  • 8 years later...

Turns out Patrick was an aspiring teenage magician with a crush on Heather Matarazzo in The Princess Diaries, circa 2001. 

Sporting an interesting shade of red hair and a plaid sweater vest.

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