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S04.E06: Fame

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Well. I liked the Katfish sketch, especially how faux Nev and Max's t-shirts kept getting shorter and shorter.

Amy got into a real life online beef this week with a man she said approached her in a threatening manner to take a selfie. Not sure what the shooting schedule is for the show, but the opening bit seemed to be a direct reaction to that.

I agree with the A.V. Club: "There is actually a solution to this fixation on her celebrity, or at least to the conversation about its effect on her comedy: The show could stop revolving around her fame. When [the show] focuses on Amy Schumer’s experiences or preoccupations, whether those are sex, gun laws, reproductive rights, or her skyrocketing fame, critical analysis will focus on them, too. There’s no stopping the rapacious fans, but critical discussion about fame changing her work is a part of a cycle, and the power to change that conversation lies in her writers’ room." The only change I'd make is to add another of her preoccupations, which is her weight/appearance.

Eh. Maybe I'm just done with the show. I'm not finding it all that funny and the sharp points she's trying to make are dulled from repetition. She had some awesome sketches last season but I think she's going to the same well too many times now.

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Well. I liked the Katfish sketch, especially how faux Nev and Max's t-shirts kept getting shorter and shorter.

That and the whole bit about why she doesn't like ferrets. 

The beef about people taking selfies might have been building for a while.  I see how some people tell stories about celebrities, and they make me both cringe and aspire to be a better person, just in case.  That said, I hope Selena Gomez's family is OK; Texas got a lot of flooding lately.  I don't have a claim to an opinion (celebrity) but I can still hope total strangers are doing well in possible adverse circumstances (because wishing strangers good luck is good manners.) 

The challenge with doing observational humor, as she does, is what she observes changes with celebrities.  It's like when a stand-up comic crosses the line between "you know when you're flying..." and "you know when you're flying first class, and it's cross country..."  I think that was the point of the blimp sketch, but she doesn't seem to know when she crossed the line from self-depreciating self-parody to seeming like she's bragging.  (We get it: you're extremely pretty, stop worrying about it.)

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I found the Katfish sketch rather boring.  And like too many bits this season way too dated.  It seems at least one sketch a show seems like it is way too behind the times.  A parody of Catfish seems like it should have taken place a couple of years ago.  But maybe I simply don't realize it is still so culturally relevant.  Seems like there are way more things cresting socio-culture wise to snark on.  Does that mean a slam against Kim Kardashian will come in two years time?


And when I compare Broad City's ability to incorporate guest stars (even Hillary Clinton in a cringeworthy second hand case of skin crawling embarrassment on my part cameo) to how they seem to show up here and simply want to be attached to something they see as popular and of the moment.  Some have worked well.  Abby and Jessica in the boyfriend chat the other week was good.  Gyllenhaal and Gomez not so much. 


Overall it feels like very little effort was put into this season. 

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This season has been spotty, but the sight of Jake Gyllenhaal screaming "Fuck you, Amy" while waving a ferret in her face, made me glad I stuck it out. That was hilarious!

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I think Amy has gotten too big for this show. And that's not a slam about her appearance, which I don't care about. I'm thinking this should be her final season, so she can take a year off, do some stand-up, and figure out how to get to her ultimate goal: playing a character not named "Amy." I kid because I care.

ETA: Sorry I didn't set up the thread. I've been busy lately, and I only got to the latest episode today.

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