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What Jobs Do the Best on The Bachelorette/Bachelor

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Hey guys, finally made an account, used to normally just lurk and read.

I wanted to see which jobs would translate to success on the show, and what jobs were common for contestants, Bachelors, and Bachelorettes. So I compiled data from 20 seasons and over 500 contestants, and have come up with some results.


First, I decided to figure out what jobs were the most common on the show. By categorizing all the contestants’ jobs into broad fields, I got a good idea of what kind of people were cast onto the Bachelor & Bachelorette.

Sales was the most popular type of job for both male and female contestants. I presume this is due to the nature of the show. The goal of the contestants on the show is to essentially sell themselves to the bachelor or bachelorette. So maybe this is not something entirely surprising.

When it came to comparing the types of employment between genders, there were far more teachers on the female side, and coaches on the male side. This is probably a reflection of teaching demographics in the US (76% female, 24% male).

As for finance-related positions, we saw far more male contestants than female.

Male Contestants:

1. Sales (13%)
2. Fitness (12%)
3. Finance (11%)

Female Contestants:
1. Sales (10%)
2. Medical (8%)
3. Teaching (6%)
4. Finance (3%)



Now that we’ve seen the numbers behind jobs types among contestants, it’s time to see whether there is any correlation between profession and how far you might progress on the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

The Men:

Looking at the past 8 Bachelorette winners, there were:

  • 3 Fitness/Sports jobs
  • 2 Finance-related jobs
  • 1 Construction Manager
  • 1 Entrepreneur
  • 1 Technology Consultant


The Women:

Looking at the past 11 Bachelor winners, there were:

  • 2 Nursing jobs
  • 2 Sales jobs
  • 1 Flight Attendant
  • 1 Graphic Designer
  • 1 Model
  • 1 Event Planner
  • 1 Actress
  • 1 Social Worker
  • 1 Teacher

The last 11 Bachelor winners were much more diversified on the job front, with nurses and sales jobs both having two each.




I ranked every contestant based on which week they were eliminated. From there, I could compare the average ranking of the jobs.

For The Bachelorette, the average final ranking of every contestant based on their job was:

  1. Fitness/Sports – 6.6 place
  2. Finance – 6.7 place
  3. Real Estate – 7.0 place
  4. Sales – 7.3 place
  5. Entrepreneur – 7.6 place
  6. Marketing – 7.9 place



For The Bachelor, the average final ranking of every contestant based on their job was:

  1. Marketing – 6.7 place
  2. Medical – 7.0 place
  3. Sales – 7.3 place
  4. Teaching – 7.5 place
  5. Finance – 9.1 place



Full Article: http://advisorwebsites.com/blog/general/financial-advisors-find-love/

Hope you guys like my post!

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