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S03.E23: Big Orange

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Its been real, Big Orange. 

I can relate to Barry, not wanting to throw away clothes. I get very sentimental about my clothes too (not to the point of wearing them everyday, or giving them names, but still), and I always have specific memories associated with a lot of my clothes. 

Good episode, as always. 

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Too much like Seinfeld and Golden Boy.  I would have forgiven them if they had actual video of the older brother in some favorite shirt.

I agree about Erica and the singing, I guess the show thinks it's going to launch the actress's music career.  Overall I'm really getting tired of this show.  The kids are really just so bratty to me and then we get the schmaltzy ending.

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Lainey walking into the restaurant.... Barry, you truly are punching above your weight.

Also, I enjoyed end tag where the actors were naturally reacting. But the combination of this and some elements of the behind the scenes episode a few weeks back in such close proximity is a little odd. It's almost as if they are reacting to some accusation of in-fighting among the cast, which I haven't heard anything about.

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I would totally watch a show about that girl's stepdad.

"What madcap caper will stepdad do before he...dun dun dun...turns himself in?"

I can't even talk about the treehouse getting torn down.  It's awfully dusty in here.

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I thought this ep was kind of a clunker; it might be the first one that I thought was meh. I did like the outtakes at the end, but I also thought it was odd since they just had the behind the scenes ep recently. I'm over Erica's singing too. If I'm not mistaken though, she was a professional singer before she got the Erica role.

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