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S02.E07: Make Room For Dani

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Oscar reluctantly agrees with his agent that it’s time to shake things up on his radio show and allows Dani to have a bigger role after a rival host, Rich Eisen, taunts him. Also, Felix is eager to meet Emily’s mother, Judy (Joanna Cassidy), but things don’t go as well as he hoped.



It was a fun episode.  I can't believe Rich Eisen came on for that, but hey, if it helps get some new eyes watching? It's okay.

I love how Dani and Murph just have an easy vibe. Dani just got excited and carried away. Oscar got insecure and defensive. I'm just glad they made up in this episode.  I do wonder: does Oscar barely pay Dani so she has to live in Crappy Comedy NY Apartment or is she saving up for some big life thing (house, another degree, Hamilton tickets)?

Bless Thomas Lennon and his physical comedy skills! ( Also, the make-up fx department.) Felix rarely has things go this badly, but it was still funny. It was good to see Joanna Cassidy! I've been a fan since 240-Robert ( a show with Mark Harmon and John Bennett Perry, Matt's dad. Now I feel super old. *sigh*) Still, I hope we see Judy again so that she might change her mind. It also would be nice to have Leslie Bibb pop in once a season. She was fun, too.

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I wasn't into this remake at the beginning, but I've really grown to like it on its own merits. 

The whole Felix meeting Lindsay's mom bit made meet laugh out loud -- from the initial nude Skype to the bee sting in the restaurant. 

Not a big fan of Dani already being positioned as Oscar's sidekick/co-host. Did the actress who plays her used to be much heavier? 

I'm glad to see Geoff Stults being used more regularly. I think he's underrated. I like him as Murph. 

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9 minutes ago, opus said:

My DVR is showing 3 new this week!

That's what it says on CBS's site too that there will be 3 new episodes. If it gets renewed I wonder if it will become another Rules of Engagement? What I mean by that is Rules of Engagement seemed like a show they'd throw on air after everything else they had has gone bust.

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